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Latest Google SEO Algorithm Search Factors


Factors in SEO Rankings

The ranking in SEO is being performed every 2 years. This way, you and other people will see the highest rank that can be achieved by a certain site. In this finding, you will know that the significant factor in their overview is the rank correlation coefficients. These are the factors that are usually analyzed and considered as applicable one.

There are some websites that utilize Spearman Correlation, a very high optimistic correlation coefficient that often appears to rank a site. This is the reason why several sites are having high rankings in the some search engine results. Some sites that don’t have it are placed in the lower rank. This only means that by utilizing Spearman Correlation, a certain site can surely be placed in a higher ranking.

8 Key Findings

It is stated above that Moz runs a Ranking Factors to assess and determine which quality of sites and pages has the strongest organization in Google rank. This assessment comes out in two parts, and these are the survey of professional SEOs and the large connection study. With the rankings that exist this 2013, there are several key findings that appeared. These key finding are:

1. In the correlation page level, the Page Authority is the most crucial factor. It actually gains the highest average, which makes it more interesting to a lot of website owners. The Links to Page gain the lowest average in the survey.

2. The root domain to sub domain is the most essential factor in the correlations domain level. The Domain Moz Trust got the lowest average which is 0.24.

3. When it comes to the link survey, the Domain Page got the highest average, which is 7.6. This only means that this is the most noteworthy factor that appears in the survey.

4. In the anchor text, the survey shows that the number of the exact match anchors text links have the highest ranking factor. Aside from that, the number of partial match has the same rank with it. But, the external page to page with exact match lacks 1 point. That is it is in the third ranking.

5. SEO believed that the distribution of organic anchor text is the most considerable factor to them than the number of links with exact match.

6. In the SEO page, the most significant factor that they got is the body text. The title, Meta description, H1 and H2 are secondary factors that they also used in writing web content.

7. In the ranking, the Keyword in Title is the most momentous factor in SEO.

8. When it comes to the social signals, the Google, Facebook Share, and Twitter are the most essential factors for them.

With this survey, many people will realize that the SEO are making use of significant factors like social signals, keywords, title, and exact number of anchor text links, organic anchor text, and domain page. These factors show that correlation does not prove causation. It also tells people about the sites that gain higher and lower rank in search engines.

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