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Careers and Jobs for ENFP Personality Profile

Careers and Jobs for ENFP Personality Profile

The ENFP personality profile indicates a very happy and enthusiastic person. These individuals are often liked among their peers and have the people skills to be rather convincing and relatable. While they are able to communicate very well and are creative, their organizational skills normally hold them back from realizing their goals. This fault, however, is often corrected by their ability to understand any concepts that come their way. This provides this person with vast opportunities of socialization and communication that can lead to the ultimate career path.


Counselors have to be able to relate to others and become their friends quickly. A counselor career is ideal as these individuals are able to help others work through their problems in a friendly manner. With their strong conversational skills, an ENFP profile is simply the perfect fit. Since counselors do not need to rely on heavy organization skills, they will find that they can simply relax and help others.


Journalists are able to go from one news story to the next. Organization is kept to a minimum, which is always a bonus. Speaking to others while being convincing and friendly allows a journalist to gather insider information and find stories that others simply are not trusted with. Through communication, they can gather a story’s main points and express them rapidly and with precision. Thanks to their ability to understand complex concepts, the ENFP profile works great for the aspiring journalist that wants to have a fun and rewarding career.


The role of a politician is to be able to communicate with others and be convincing. When a politician is able to be personable, they will find that they are able to maintain a solid career and be prosperous. This is a terrific choice and one that has to be given immense consideration. Organization is usually handled by another party, which is beneficial. The ability to understand complex concepts ensures that a person fitting this profile can read complicated bills and legislation.

Social Worker

Social workers have to deal with people on a daily basis. A friendly approach makes this job much easier and the ability to communicate with clients helps even more. With the capacity to analyze situations quickly, a social worker meeting this profile will be able to excel and help their clients tremendously. Being accepted and liked will also propel the ENFP higher in this field.

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