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Jeffrey R. Immelt’s Leadership Style

Jeffrey R. Immelt’s Leadership Style

Jeffrey Immelt has served as Chairman & CEO of General Electric since 2000. He has developed a checklist titled “Things Leaders Do” that he uses when teaching up and coming leaders within GE. His own personal leadership checklist is outlined below.

10 Keys to Leadership

1. Personal Responsibility – Today’s business models are focused on leading and building teams focused on placing others first.
2. Simplify Constantly – Explain to others the top three things the organization is working on. If you can not provide that than you are not leading well.
3. Understand Breadth, Depth, and Context – Understanding context allows you to understand how the company fits into the world around you and how to respond to it.
4. The importance of alignment and time management – Set priorities, measure outcomes, and reward.
5. Leaders learn constantly and also have to learn how to teach – This is a leaders primary tole is to teach. Share what you have learned.
6. Say true to your own style – Maintain self awareness as leadership serves as an intense journey into yourself.
7. Manage by setting boundaries with freedom in the middle – Boundaries include commitment, passion, trust, and teamwork. With these guidelines, no one should be crossing into boundaries.
8. Stay disciplined and detailed – Maintained detail on what is currently going on.
9. Leave a few things unsaid – Being an active listener can also work well for you. Allowing a team to find their own way can be just as effective.
10. Like people – Employment now a days is considered to be at will it is important to make others aware of what they are doing wrong and if it doesn’t work out they need to understand it is not personal.

Jeffrey Immelt Leadership Quotes

“I’m direct and I’m truthful.”

“This reorganization will enable Lighting and Appliances to provide more cost-effective and pointed approaches to supporting all of our customers needs.”

“GE has a rich heritage of providing customers with essential, inventive home products.”

“We can’t make appliances in the United States and make money.”

“The world becomes more competitive, every day.”

“There are 24 hours in a day, and you can use all of them.”

“GE is about performance with integrity.”

Motivational Style

Immelt is known for the ability to relate to other people on their level and encourge. Additional personal qualities included.

– Charismatic with the ability to adjust to meet the demands.
– Versatile and multitask.
– Focused on goals and future.
– High concern for people and high concern for results.
– Creates trust and respect.

Leadership Strategies

Stragies to implement in order to be an effective lead is to set direction for the organization and use communication to align people with that direction. Immelt is known as exhibiting democatric leadership style whereas he is collaborative, reciprocal, and interactive with his followers while issuing a high degree of discretionary influence.

Jeffrey Immelt’s success has landed him the following awards to include being named one of the world’s best CEO three times by Barron’s, serves on the board at the NY Federal Reserve Bank, consider one of Time Magazine’s 100 most influential people in the world in 2008, and recently served on President Obama’s Economic Recovery Advistory Board.

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