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What is the Definition of Social Network Effect


The Value of the Individual Social Network

Networking has always been a key component of business. Before the internet and ultimately social media transformed how we all network together, people would go to parties just to meet new people so they could expand their network. In today’s world, if someone has 130 friends on Facebook, which is the average number, this means they have a network value of over 17,000 people! When it comes to content marketing, the value of these individual social networks simply cannot be ignored if you want to be able to maximize your ability to bring in new revenue streams.

The Advantage Comes From Simultaneous Networking

For many marketers, their goal is to create content that will eventually go viral. Why? Because this means they are getting a cost-effective way of taking advantage of the simultaneous nature that social media networking is today. One post can reach thousands of people at the same time. From there, once a person shares a post that has been shared by you, it is placed on the newsfeeds of all of their friends that get updates from that person. This process is then repeated time and time again as others decide to share it. On Facebook, even if a post is “liked” instead of shared, many of that person’s network will see that they liked the post in the upper right and can look to see what the post is about themselves.

It’s Better Than Phone or E-mail!

The assumption that is made when using other communication methods is that you are using them on a one-to-one basis. In other words, you place a phone call to reach a specific person. To a limited extent, you also write an e-mail to a specific person, though there are tools that you can use today that can make an e-mail personalized without much effort. Social media doesn’t need these individualized efforts at all – the information gets posted to everyone that follows you. From there, people can choose to share it at their discretion.

Networks Are Looking At the Critical Mass of Everything

In social media networking, achieving critical mass means that the value of what is being provided is greater than or equal to the actual price that must be paid to obtain that item. Without this level of value, a network will never really be interested in what is being offered. The modern individual on the internet is sophisticated and savvy and they know when the wool is being pulled over their eyes by a company. You’ll lose followers if you misrepresent your value to the individual social networks!

Are You Sharing To Individual Networks Yet?

Though there are other forms of marketing that can be equally effective, the simultaneous nature of social media sharing gives modern marketers an advantage that has never been seen before. The power of the individualized social network means that with a few minutes of effort and very little cost, there can be huge returns seen through whatever definition of conversion you wish to use. If you’re looking for an incredible ROI, there is no better method to use today than this.

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