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Irene Rosenfeld’s Leadership Style

Irene Rosenfeld Leadership

Irene Blecker Rosenfeld is the current Chairman and CEO of Mondelez International. Considered a top American Executive, Rosenfeld was appointed the CEO of Kraft Foods in 2006. She was later joined by General Foods which became a part of Kraft. Rosenfeld is known and respected for her accomplished restructuring and turnaround of key businesses with Kraft Foods within the United States, Canada, and Moscow. Her leadership style is structured around enforcing the following key strategies and 5 rules to success.

4 Key Strategies to Leading

1. Decentralize the organization and rewire for leadership strengthening and teamwork.
2. Revamp product categories for make relevant to consumers again.
3. Consider sales a competitive advantage versus an overhead cost.
4. Drive down costs without compromising quality.

5 Rules to Success

1. Pick the right people to get onboard
Raise the bar for performance throughout the company, provide support, and create an atmosphere of understanding and trust. Teams should be a combination of people from the outside and inside the organization.

2. Create a roadmap
A roadmap will provide the path of “how to do it” rather than “what to do.” This will strengthen the ability for teams to move forward.

3. Engage the hearts and minds of others
Focusing on growth rather than cutting costs will reignite energy and motivation among teams. Become a strong embodiment of important values within the company that guide behavior and increase performance standards.

4. Don’t waste time
Move quickly by not wasting time. Hesitation will only help to cause the organization to tilt and create uncertainty. Operate at a pace that even takes your own self out of the comfort zone.

5. Always communicate and do so honestly
Communicating honestly will help to create an atmosphere of openness and trust. Celebrate success publicly and do so often. Highlight leaders that are contributing to making a difference.

Leadership Quotes from Irene Rosenfeld

“How you manage change can make all the difference.”

“Exposure to a diversity of disciplines have been exceptionally helpful to me.”

“I am very excited and delighted to be an important part of the development of corporate America.”

“People vote with their hearts, not their heads.”

“There’s no question that consumers are looking for value today.”

“You can’t play it safe if you want to get ahead.”

“The most important role of a leader is to set a clear direction, be transparent about how to get there and to stay the course.”

“I believe very strongly in the value of having a diverse team around me that comes from very different backgrounds and different points of views.”

Irene Rosenfeld has been placed on the Wall Street Journal’s “50 Women to Watch” list as number 6. Forbes has rated Irene Rosenfeld as the 2nd to the “Top 10 Most Powerful Women in 2010.”

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