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How to Market a Mobile App


Driving Traffic For Growing Mobile Market

Mobile apps are becoming a must for businesses to keep the consumer engaged. With increases in sales for smart phones there is becoming a demand for mobile app marketing. There are around 1.9 million apps available for Apple and Google play. In the past it has been difficult for the mobile app community to keep consumers engaged and with the rise in smart phone use this is becoming imperative. Mobile apps and sites are going to have to adjust to this growth and competition by planning a campaign, executing it and optimizing it to keep users engaged.


The first step for app producers is to plan to drive traffic to the app and to consider the media available to promote it. There are three types of media, paid media, owned media and earned media. Paid media is radio, TV and internet ads available. Owned media is the media that the company itself owns and operates, such as: blogs, face book, twitter and company websites. While the most powerful is earned media, this media is free and acquired through recommendations, promotions and media approval.

Create a Competitive App

The next step to help drive traffic about the app is to execute a competitive app that is beneficial and appealing. App producers are now becoming more aware and able to hold a consumers attention past the 90 day initial interaction. In three years customer retention rates for apps have increased ten percent,. This increased quality in the market is making it important for mobile app producers to stay competitive.

Make the Design and Content Worthy

Now that mobile app producers are aware of the importance of keeping a consumer engaged it is even more important to pay attention to the design and content of the app. Design must be visual because this is what gives the brand personality. Content has to tell what the app is about and why it is needed. Once an app consumer has used it, it must keep their attention through things like conversation and utility.

Optimizing Your App

The final step for mobile app producers to consider is how they can optimize the product where it fails. User retention in the first 90 days usually declines around twenty percent for leading app categories. So, any new mobile app producers are going to have to be careful and optimize the way they run their app not to lose more user retention percentages.

Track and Analyze Results

Optimization can be accomplished by tracking and analyzing user data and adjusting to suit consumer feedback. For example, if there is a loss in app users it could be they were interacting too much and if they experience a loss in retention it could mean they were not interacting with the user enough.

Generate Sales and Demand

Added sales and demands for smart phones have increased and it is important for app producers to remember to market their apps efficiently and wisely. They need to remember to promote their apps while giving the consumer a high quality app and optimize with analysis. It is becoming a highly demanding and competitive market.

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