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17 Television Industry Statistics and Trends

Television Industry Statistics

The average consumer spends approximately 159 hours behind a television each month. Consumers dedicate equal amount of time behind the computer on the internet watching sites such as Netflix and Hulu. New trends and new technologies have been forcing this industry to change.

Television Industry Trends

New statistics throughout the television industry have shown the following changing trends.

1. Television Embracing the Internet
New technologies have made it popular for consumers to stream internet content to their television. From Google TV to more, the consumer can view web content right onto their television, open apps, and more.

2. Movie Industry Pulls Away
The movie industry has been slowly pulling away from television and focused more on highly visual based 3D movies to appeal to the viewer. Only 3% of television owners own a 3D television with limitations on content that is produced in 3D.

3> LCD and Flat Screens
More than 60% of viewers own some form of flat panel television. LCD screens represent 78% of factory sales and have more than tripled through market penetration. More than half of American televisions are 40” and larger in size.

4. Social Television
An estimated 42% of Americans are online and active on social media while sitting in front of the television set. Twitter surpasses Facebook on the most active users that tweet while watching something. Interacting among social media while watching television allows people to comment and share interests.

5. Targeted Advertising
Marketing television sets are targeted to primarily male consumers and young families. Toshiba speaks primarily to independent women with Sharp appealing to tech savvy consumers. Vizio targets mostly the younger 20s crowds.

Apple TV

A segment covering what Apple TV is all about and what is on it is posted below.

Worldwide Television Shipments

A breakdown of the first quarter television shipments and growth in 2013.

LCD – 44,822 units (+4.0%)
PDP – 2,529 units (-14.0%)
CRT – 2,184 units (-57.0%)

Top Brand Market Share

• Samsung – 27.9%
• LGE – 16.6%
• TCL – 5.9%
• Sharp – 5.7%
• Sony – 5.1%
• Other – 38.8%

Television Habits

The following infographic outlines the television habits of consumers and viewers alike with the average timeframe they spent behind the set. A listing of the most common types of shows watched are covered below.

Consumer Television Habits

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