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How to Make a Company Executive Summary Compelling

How to Tell Your Company's Story

Marketing Business with Eight Simple Approaches

Building a marketing image for a business takes finesse, style, and the ability to create a vision. The question is how to go about reaching that goal so that it comes across professional yet will still be down to earth. The company image is visualized by what is put out on the information highway and through word of mouth. To distribute the right information and take a proactive approach to marketing answering these eight simple questions is a big step in the right direction.

Establish Your Mission

Addressing what makes your company different from the competition is an essential element of establishing a marketing base. What makes the business matchless from others in the business? This may be something small or a truly obvious difference.

What is the story behind the founding of the business? Is there a point of interest about the founder perhaps that can draw positive attention? Customers like to know who is behind the company name.

Is there a problem the company is trying to solve? It may be how to market a new product or revitalizing interest in a failing product. Perhaps there is a better way to distribute products and services in a cost efficient manner.

Inspiration and Objective

What is it that has inspired the founding of the business? A trip may have been taken or the business may have been inspired by an individual or a cause. One company was established to offer makeovers to girls in hospitals that are suffering from cancer so that they can feel better about themselves.

Has there been a situation that has driven the company to rethink operations? There are plenty of aha moments when they are listened for. That is only a piece of it. The company has to know how to act on those moments.

What has changed about the business since it was formed? Have products changed or have new products been added? It may be that a new store location has opened or the company is now operating globally instead of just the immediate location.

Get Social with Prospect

Be willing to branch the company out in other media formats. Is there a Facebook page, Pinterest, or YouTube videos that are viewable to the public? Is there a following that has been established on Twitter or other Social Networking site? The more avenues utilized to get the word out the faster it will take hold and build credibility.

Is there a gimmick that the business uses that would be of interest to current and potential clients? For example is there a welcome Wednesday in which hot dogs are sold for $0.25 each when they are normally $1.00? Does the company offer discounts to seniors or military veterans? What is offered that will spark a desire for clients to come in?

The more that is made known about the business in a positive light, the better the odds of attracting new customers and retaining current ones. It requires a little bit of creative thinking, and possibly assistance of some inside sources. The information needed to promote the business is all within reach if it is known where to look for it.

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