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9 Historical Groundbreaking Design Trends

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Innovations That Changed The Way We Design

Design has changed again and again over the many centuries of man’s existence on Earth but there are a few trends that have left their mark on society and we’ve decided to keep them around for whatever reason.

Tattoos have been around probably for as long as man has been around. They can be on a person for a variety of different reasons. But the main focus in design would be personal/cultural reasons. These can showcase a person’s personal taste or life events.

Pictograms have had a long love affair with man and have been a godsend and very useful in more recent times being tied to things such as the “you are here” type of maps allowing you to easily and quickly know with symbols where a bathroom is, where a specific public building is, etc etc.

Bodyily Emphasis
Bodily emphasis such as the pointing of fingers in advertisements or more specifically and famously recruitment posters from all over the globe bring about more of a personal feeling. They also emphasize direction. Pointing to where you need to go in a store makes much more sense and is much more universally understood than speaking or writing.

Brand Logos
Brand logos are the life blood of companies. If its a cool, unique, and memorable logo people are more likely to remember your brand which is a big advantage in the end. Brand logos are sometimes even thought of as status symbols.

Different typefaces and texts being put into forms of an image are like two peas in a pod. Different typefaces can help convey different textures, feelings, and patterns. They can also help make sense of the form of the image that you put the words into whether it be a fish, a tiger, or a circle.

White Space
Suprematism and white space go hand in hand. One influences and can bring out the other. When suprematism is effectively paired with white space it uses simple geometric shapes and bold decisive colors to get attention or get a point across. This can be related back to brand logos in a big way. It can be eye catching and draw you in if done right.

Dust Jackets
Dust jackets were a very clever invention when you think about it. The built in ability to do some positive advertising for your book. You could also use the dust jacket to bring attention to your book with a clever design that was easily mass produced on this paper rather than the hardcover book itself.

The things mentioned above have influenced design’s landscape for many decades spawning many innovations within the field itself, which is amazing when something is so stable that it can create such a volatile environment for ideas and contribute to society more than once throughout its shelf life.

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