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98 Most Important Marketing and Advertising Acronyms

The Online Marketers Glossary of Acronoyms

The Long And Useful List Of Online Marketing Acronyms

There are many, many, and I do mean many acronyms in this busy get up and go world that we live in. There have even been a few that have been integrated into our everyday lives they get used so much and have become common knowledge.

But there are also subsets of acronyms. Specific ones in the business world, the college world, the medical field and so on and so forth. But the subset being focused on in this short article is online marketing.

There are acronyms in the online marketing world all the way from A to Z. This makes it a very interesting lingo in and of itself. There are some that are simple and self explanatory that are even in everyday use like POS (Point of Sale).

But then there are others that I’m sure even a marketing student would have to look up if they don’t use the term very often like WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get), although I think I would remember that one since it’s an interesting and common saying. But I don’t think any normal person would have guessed it right off the bat.

Most often the things that allows you to learn any subset of acronyms is experience. Whether it be in a college marketing program, or if it’s on the job experience. You will slowly but sure get a firm grasp on most of the common online marketing acronyms and what they mean.

For those rare instances that an acronym doesn’t make sense or ring a bell to us we are ever grateful for a tiny little invention called the internet. This has made life so much easier. But at the same time its a double edged sword seeing as the internet allowing us to use other forms of communication has probably been the reason for a great deal of these acronyms. Trying to save time and not have to type everything out when in a quick moving online conversation can be a life saver.

Another useful tool to have handy when you are possibly just starting out in the online marketing world is a list of acronyms handy. No matter where you might be you should be able to access this.

What if you happen to be in a place where there is no internet or no cell service for some reason? A little collective list would be wonderful when reading through a document that you have open and an acronym makes you go, “huh?”, and leaves you scratching your head as to what they are trying to say.

A word of warning when you are talking, chatting online, or drawing up a document. Do not use too many acronyms in one setting. This can make you look a little lazy, especially in a professional document. It’s good to be able to use terms of the trade here and there sprinkled though out your work or your conversations, but use it too much and it just looks weird. No one naturally talks in acronyms all the time.

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