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How to Get a Google Adwords Grant


One of the leading reasons why people do not make use of Google Ad Grants is because they are unaware that they can benefit from the free publicity. The first step to making use of this source is to understand whether or not you are eligible. In general, if you are listed by the government as a non-profit organization, then you will be eligible for Google ad Grants. This means that you file a 501C3 when doing taxes and have that status with the IRS. There are some limitations however. If you are a government organization, a medical organization, an educational institution, then you will not be eligible for a Google Ad Grant. Here are some important insights highlighted from this infographic.

1) Learn How To Apply For Google Ad Grants.
If you meet the requirements for a Google Ad Grant, then you will potentially have thousands of dollars of free advertising made available to you. So how do you take advantage of this amazing opportunity? Well, your first step is to go to the non profit section of Google.com and select Join The Program. You will have to certify that your organization is a nonprofit before making use of what it has to offer. In addition, you chances of success improve if you have an understanding of how Google Ad Grants work. You will want to include what phrases and text as samples when filling out the application.

2) Make The Most Out Of Your Grant.
Acceptance to the Google Ad Grants can take up to for months for you to get. Once you have it however, it really pays to use it to its fullest extent. You will have up to $10,000 in money that can be used to set keywords. You can add relevant location names, use variations of organizations name and programs offered, and even use the tool to come up with more keyword ideas. From there, you can create ads and really expand the advertising done for your non-profit.

3) Continue Expanding Your Advertisement Opportunities.
With Google Ad Grants, you can get your foot in the door for proactive advertising. With significantly more notice, you are much more likely to get attention for the good work that your non-profit does. In addition, you can see what keywords work and do not work to further your online advertisements.

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