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9 Great B2B Blogging Tips

Congratulations! You’ve decided to start blogging. Having a blog that is regularly updated is an excellent way to connect with your B2B customers. We’re not going to bore you with all of the regular tips you can find across the internet.

Of course you need to keep your blog updated with original, relevant materials. You know that you need to make the content personal, yet still valuable in nature so that you show off your industry expertise.
What you need are B2B blogging tips that will help to take your content to the next level. Here’s how you’re going to make that happen.

1. Be a Heavyweight Champion

Title are important in sports because they are a representation of complete success. You don’t get a title unless you’re the very best of the best. It’s nice to give everyone a ribbon for participating so that no one feels left out, but a participation ribbon isn’t the same as a championship title.

When you are writing titles for your blog posts, you have to picture yourself as the heavyweight champion of the world in your industry. Your title is what will be the leading piece of content that people will read when your blog post is shared. If your title is only as good as a participatory ribbon, then your post might generate a smile or a “That’s nice,” but it will ultimately be ignored.

How do you write a championship worthy title? Make it a reflection of the value you’re about to share. Be simple, straightforward, and honest about what is in the content. That’s what will make you stand out.

2. Rip Out a Page

Have you ever been on a site that was geared toward B2B customers and discovered that you had to scroll through 30 different calls to action, 47 photographs of the products being offers, three different videos, a testimonial section, and multiple flashing GIFs just so you could find out what the price of the item for sale happened to be?

Yeah. Don’t do that.

When you are blogging, you don’t even need to hit the traditional 500 word mark for your content for it to make an impact. Blog posts that are 250-300 words get straight to the point. Readers get to see the value you can provide immediately and then use it.

What is 250-300 words? Find a hardcover book and take a look at a full page of text. That’s about the size your blog post needs to be. It can be a little tricky sometimes to fit dense content into such a short post, but your B2B leads will thank you for the quick hit of value.

3. It’s an Opus, Mr. Holland

Richard Dreyfuss had his character spend a lifetime creating just one composition in Mr. Holland’s Opus. Life just got in the way. Life always gets in the way, but it is because teaching others critical skills is one of the most important things we can do. Mr. Holland became a teacher and so must you.

B2B readers of your blog aren’t there to read a sales pitch. They are there to research who and what you represent. If you aren’t better than your competition, then your readers will understand this and not want to do business with you. If, however, you can reach down deep and create your own blogging opus that teaches critical components of what you offer in every post, then your B2B leads will progress through your sales funnel on their own and contact you when they’re ready to make a sale.

4. It’s the AOA of the CAS

Unless you work in the aviation industry, you probably don’t know what that means. The same is true with the industry jargon that you use every day. Most of what you talk about every day at work is going to be like a foreign language to your B2B blog readers. If you do find yourself using a lot of jargon, but in a glossary that helps to define the terms at the end of the post or somewhere on your site.

Here’s the best practice: use basic, simple language. Think outside of the cubicle walls and think about how you’d explain what you’re blogging about to the average person on the street. That’s the language you need so that you can fly at an appropriate KIAS.

5. Speak With the Eyes

The pen might be mightier than the sword, but one picture is worth a thousand words. This means you can say a whole lot more to your B2B readers through the use of comprehensive images than you can with massive amounts of text. Many blogs tends to use stock images from a site like freeimages.com for their graphic needs and that’s fine in a pinch, but ultimately you can do better.

The whole point of B2B blogging is to show other businesses the value of what you have. If you have images on your blog that can prove this value, then you’ll be able to speak through the reader’s eyes, massage their brain, and then insert your branding right there on the top of their mind. Every time that reader sees an image that is similar to the one on your post, they’ll think of you and what you’ve got.

6. Have a Blog Post On Me

There have been entire books written about search engine optimization strategies. There are dozens of tactics that you can take to give your blog posts a little bit of a boost to receive organic results. All of that pales in comparison, however, to a blog post that goes viral over social networks.

Your blog posts should be easy to share on any platform. With 1.9 billion people, Facebook can’t be ignored. Your other sharing options should be based not on where you have a presence, but where your B2B readers have a presence. If you’re receiving a majority of your traffic from LinkedIn, then make sure your content can be shared there. The same goes for Twitter, Pinterest, or even YouTube.

Include sharing icons somewhere on your post. It could be on the sidebar, in the header by the title, but never at the end of the content. If your social sharing is at the end of your content and someone doesn’t read through it all the way, they never had the chance to click. For B2B blogging, don’t forget to include an option to email the post to someone as well.

7. Take Two and Call Me Tomorrow

There should always be a call to action in a blog post. The only problem that most B2B bloggers have is that they make their CTA about making a sale. Remember: your readers are there to research and learn, not purchase. A better call to action involves having that reader continue their research instead of hitting them up for a few bucks.

This is why having internal links to similar blog posts is such a great way to transform the CTA into something that is usable. Something as simple as “If you loved this blog post about B2B blogging tips, then be sure to check out this blog post about B2B content writing tips.” The reader gets to double down on their knowledge and you get to expose them to your brand for a longer period of time.

That’s a definite win/win right there.

8. When In Doubt, Use Duct Tape

Have you seen the comments people are leaving on blogs, forums, and news sites today? The trolling has gotten out of control and eventually that negative input is going to reach your B2B blog. It always does. That is why you need to create some codes of conduct now, before it goes all crazy on you, so that you can maintain control. Sometimes that means you might have to silence a commentator because they are being completely inappropriate. Make sure your blog’s structure will allow you to do so.

A code of conduct also needs to be developed for your content. How would you feel about reading a blog post that promotes the sale of gold stocks when the author has $1 million invested into gold stocks? Self-serving promotion, right? Your code of conduct also needs to be about how you interact with your B2B readers. If you are transparent and above board in everything, then you will generate a lot of respect.

9. Just Do It

It will be difficult some days to blog on your schedule. Your mind will come up with a ton of excuses. The smell of coffee might distract you. Staple your pants to that chair, bust out a few hundred words in the next 10-15 minutes, and then go get your coffee. If you need to blog, then just do it. If you put it off, it isn’t going to happen.

These B2B blogging tips will help you find more success because they’ll help your content relate better to your targeted demographics. Implement them today, have fun with your blogging, and your experience will be awesome.

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