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How to Deliver Exceptional Customer Service


Here are the main points to remember from this infographic.

1) Customers Expect Quick Replies No Matter How They Contact You.
The vast majority want to hear back from you in a day. Those who get no answer may very well take to social media to post complaints. But over half who hear back are satisfied with the results. Around a fourth actually love the company more for their great response. Never underestimate just how powerful a single, helpful, friendly response to customer complaints can be.

2) Why Pay Attention to Customers?
Keeping a current customer loyal is much cheaper than winning a new customer over. Not trying to keep customers can costs businesses billions, internationally, each year. As unsatisfied customers are often more vocal than satisfied one, dissatisfied customers can actually harm any leads you might currently have. About 8 of 10 customers have stopped a transaction with a company because of a response they did not like. Nearly 9 of 10 actually quit doing business with companies when they did not get great customer service. Great customer service can pay dividends to your business in a number of ways.

3) Think You Cannot Afford Great Customer Service?
Think again! Customers are actually willing to pay more when companies give them great service. Between 7% and 22% more, depending upon the country where you are doing business. A majority of adult who had great customer service experiences with businesses in the last 3 months were actually more than willing to purchase from them again. Not only that, but they were also much more likely to let others know just how great they felt that the company was. Those who had a bad experience were nearly half more likely to actually take their business elsewhere because of poor customer service.

4) Many Important Things Go Into Great Customer Service.
Thankfully, this means you can improve in a vast number of areas to make your customers’ experiences better. Train your reps to be friendlier on the phone and while answering inquiries. Work quickly, and give customers a variety of means to contact you. Make sure all your reps are knowledgeable about your brand, company, and products. Train them to address customers by name. Help them to recall customers they have recently spoken with. Start a page on social media if you have not, already. Choose phrases in your customer rep script carefully, based upon the demographics that you serve.

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