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How to Start a Telemarketing Business

There are a number of at-home business opportunities that are advertised online every day, but unfortunately most of them are just scams. One of the authentic home-based businesses that can be started, however, is a telemarketing business. If you want to know how to start a telemarketing business, the first thing you’re going to need to think about is your experience. Most of these contracts will be based on commission, so you need to know how to sell if you’re going to make any money.

A good place to begin is to see if you can intern at a local call center. It will get you used to the experiences of being on the telephone all day and help you to build the confidence that is needed to close a sale. You’ll also need to have a certain amount of empathy that you can communicate through your voice to start building a relationship so that the person on the other end of the line will connect and want to buy.

Once you’ve got the experience down, you’ll be ready to follow these additional steps to get your home-based business up and running.

1. Create A Home Calling Network.

You will need to have telephone equipment installed in your home that will allow you to make numerous outgoing calls every day. This may require the installation of one or more landlines on your property. You’ll also need receivers, handsets, headsets, and a computer system that will track a database of consumer information so that you can keep track of which leads are the warmest.

2. Create An Interface.

Whether you choose to use a PC, a laptop, or even a tablet PC, you will need to have a software interface that communicates between your equipment and your phone lines. The easiest way to make high capacity numbers of phone calls every day is to have a one-click command interface that will automatically dial numbers for you. If you need to manually dial each contact, you’ll need to protect yourself against wear and tear to limit the risks of carpal tunnel syndrome developing.

3. Protect Yourself.

There are national and international Do Not Call lists that must be followed at all times. If you call a number that has been legally registered on these lists, then your home business could be subjected to fines and penalties that would you out of business fast. There are numerous other rules in place that telemarketers must follow, so make sure you are familiar with all applicable laws before placing your first phone call.

4. Register Your Business.

Even if you are operating a sole properietor, there is a good chance that you will need to register a telemarketing business in your community. Because the job is sales-based and active, you may need city, county, and state/province licenses in addition to a general business license. Certain permits may also be required. Speak with your local County Clerk about what your jurisdiction requires so that you can create a legal business presence.

5. Understand Local Zoning.

Having a home office is generally allowed in most residential neighborhoods, but having a telemarketing business may not be allowed. You’ll need to examine the zoning of your residence to see if this home-based business opportunity would be allowed. If not, you may need to apply for an exemption or secure a small commercial office so that you can do your work without getting into any legal trouble.

6. Get Your Leads.

Depending on how your business is contracted, you may need to find your own leads or you may have a set of leads with whom you’ll be required to maintain contact. This is generally referred to as “cold” or “warm” sales, but could be inside and outside telemarketing as well. What you choose should be based on your strengths. Cold calling can typically create a better revenue base, but it may also provide inconsistent results. Choose what makes the most sense for you.

7. Offer to become an outsourcing point.

Many local call centers would love to have an extra hand or two to handle large call volumes. If you’re struggling to sign your own clients, then consider approaching local centers to see if you could work as-needed when call volumes are high. You won’t get as much flexibility in setting your own hours this way, but you could have an easy way to make some extra cash.

Knowing how to start a telemarketing business can help you create a profitable at-home opportunity that will let you enjoy more freedom and flexibility. Follow these steps today and you might just be able to leave the 9-5 grind for good.

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