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7 Great Non Traditional Marketing Examples

Everyone uses marketing in some way, shape, and form. Many use the traditional forms of marketing, such as print media, television, and radio, to create a specific message that will resonate with potential leads. Throw in the internet and you’ve got blogging, PPC, follow-along marketing, and the world of SEO/SEM to consider as well. These work. There is no denying it.

To maximize your reach, however, it is important to incorporate non-traditional marketing as well. This helps you to reach out to those potential leads that may not be exposed to the traditional forms of marketing. Sometimes you’ve got to be creative to find your leads and that’s what these examples will help you do.

1. Branding Through a Blimp

There are two brand names that come to mind when you think of a blimp, right? It’s either Goodyear or MetLife. Think about what that means from a non-traditional marketing standpoint. These two brands have dominated in this example because of how and where they place a blimp.

2. On the Street

Street marketing teams are another unique way to get a message across. It combines traditional forms of marketing, such as brochures and posters, but it creates a 1-on-1 marketing component when the street team approaches a lead. The exchange might be brief, but the personal interchange can be that first small step toward establishing a brand relationship that will pay off down the road.

3. See the Light

If you have a large building with a blank wall, then you have a canvas for a non-traditional marketing opportunity. Bring in a projector and display an image that covers your wall, kind of like how the advertising murals of pre-1960 used to promote goods. At night, the light automatically attracts eyes and creates brand exposure.

4. Wet and Wild

Artist Peregrine Church has been making waves in the Seattle art scene because of his unique set of skills. He uses a waterproofing agent on sidewalks so that when it rains [and it rains A LOT in Seattle], a specific message is produced in vivid detail. Church uses his technique to create smiles, but a business could use this technique as a unique non-traditional advertising opportunity.

If you don’t get a lot of rain in your community, then anything that draws attention to your location will be beneficial. Something as simple as sidewalk chalk could be the answer. Most cities will allow some sort of non-traditional marketing like this as long as it isn’t permanent or harms the environment in some way.

5. A Quiet Effort

Bookstores and libraries might not be as popular as they once were, but real books are still read by real people. Make a contribution to the library fund or pay a bookstore owner a few bucks and then slip in some bookmarks with your branding and message into the books. You could sneak them into the books, but that really isn’t ethical, right? What goes around will come around.

When the readers catch the bookmark, they look at it. It’s like a 99% guarantee that they will see and remember the brand the next time it is encountered. They may even keep the bookmark to use later. In this non-traditional marketing scenario, everybody has a positive experience.

6. Become an Artistic Sponsor

Families go out to eat for about 40% of their meals and many of them have young children that get antsy while waiting for their food. This has caused many restaurants to offer coloring pages, placements, or activity books to help the kids stay quiet and the parents to keep a measure of their sanity. This is your chance to also create a winning non-traditional marketing campaign.

It doesn’t cost much to print up these materials and donate a bunch of crayons. Your branding gets put onto the items in a noticeable spot. If there’s one guarantee in this life, it is that a child who has colored a picture will say, “Mommy! Daddy! Come look what I made!” The parent leans over, sees their child’s artwork, and sees your branding.

7. Under the Butt

Speaking of families, there is a unique non-traditional marketing opportunity at your grocery store. Have you ever notice how many people push around carts while shopping? Whether the kids are sitting in the cart or walking alongside, there are two great places for branding that many businesses don’t consider: on the handle of the cart and on the seat flap in the cart. If your target demographics go somewhere that uses carts, then partner up with the business to have a remarkably affordable marketing campaign that could have a huge ROI.

Non-traditional marketing will put your brand and ideas where people may not normally think to interact with them. Do it successfully and you’ll soon see higher revenues coming your way.

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