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How to Create a Smartphone App from Idea to Development


The Steps to Creating a Mobile App

If you want to create a mobile app, there are a few steps that you need to follow to make sure the process flows smoothly.

1. Have an Idea
First, you need to come up with a unique idea. If your idea is not unique you need to ask yourself if the product you want to sell is better than or cheaper than your competitor’s products. If not, you need to come up with a different idea.

2. Perform Research
Once you have that unique idea in mind you need to conduct some research. The type of research that you need to do involves both identifying and understanding your target markets. You will also need to identify and understand your competitors as well.

3. Create a Proposal
After identifying and understanding your target markets and your competitors you can move on to step two, which is creating the proposal. There are four components to making a proposal.

• State your purpose and identify the need for the product and solution to that need.
• Define your target market.
• Define function, display, and promotional requirements.
• Determine your revenue goals and methods you will incorporate to reach that goal.

4. Create a Concept Drawing
Once you have completed your proposal move on to step three, creating the concept drawings. This step deals with function and design. You need to create a wireframe and then work to make your app visually appealing.

5. Submit for Development
Next you need to submit your proposal, concept drawings, and research to the developer’s office.

There is one piece of information that you learn during this step and it is that pretty much whatever you can think of is possible to create, however, it is not always practicable.

After speaking with the developer’s office revise your work and make use of the practical ideas. During this step you also need to make sure that you balance your cost and value equally. Keep in mind that cost encompasses both time and money spent, rather than just money spent.

6. Test Your Product
In this step of the process you need to begin your “paper app” testing. In order to do this you need to select participants based on your target market. Three to five participants should suffice. You need to ask the participants to try out the “paper app” and then print screen displays that are based on the user actions. And then, finally, you need to watch; listen; and record everything that goes on during the testing.

After testing ends, revise the function and design of your mobile app based on the feedback from the testing and then submit your final design to the developer and start on your next big idea.

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