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13 Selling Optimization Strategies on eBay


Conversion Optimization for EBay

Profile optimization is very important when it comes to running an online store. Having the page look appealing while easy to navigate is key to your success. When your profile is easy to navigate, and you are able to locate exactly what you are looking for, then traffic to your site will increase. Make sure that you are able to fully describe all of your products and make sure that any pricing is easy to understand, clear and concise. If you have a return policy, make sure that it is clearly stated as well.

Increasing Traffic

You can also increase traffic by having product titles and by using keywords on the title of the product and in the 300 letter description that EBay allows you. That also makes it easier to search for an item, and your site. Use visually appealing colors that will be easy on the eyes and more appealing to the customer. If you are using images, please make sure to use very simple, uncomplicated images as that will make for a strong impact on your site.

Include a Video

Video is another great way to market your product. This is especially important if it is something that is not commonly known in most households and/or business. A video will help your customer gain a better idea as to exactly what your product does and what it is used for.

Add Contact Information

Always leave contact information on your website as that leaves room for product reviews, and testimonials that you could use on your website. This will leave your customer with peace of mind and assurance that you will stand behind your product.

Get Active on Social Media

Another great tool is to use information for social media. You may also want to have a place where they can sign up for a newsletter that you or someone on your behalf creates. It’s a great way to get out new product information and to offer any current running specials or promotions. This allows for customer retention and for a relationship to build between merchant and customer. This will drive product production and sales up making you more money in the long run.

Optimize Your Listings in Search

EBay has many factors when it comes to deciding how you rank in their search list and they are things that you can do increase your SEO or Search Engine Optimization. EBay ranks on several different factors. One thing that you can do is include things as keywords such as free shipping. That would give you a higher rank in that field. Another thing you can do is paid advertising through EBay which would get you at the top of their search results as well. EBay also comes with an array of tools and templates to help you optimize your search potential on their site.

Just remember to be clear and concise when it comes to your site and you will see traffic automatically increase by making a few small steps.

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