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How to Become an Extraordinary Entrepreneur


Extraordinary entrepreneurs are not born. They are honed over time. At times, there are mentors who help aspirants in their way and generously contribute to their honing. At times, people hone their own skills without anyone’s help and emerge as an extraordinary entrepreneur.

Becoming an entrepreneur may sound to be a cool proposition but it actually involves a lot of hard work. Those who say that smart work is better are not wrong but that applies only to professionals or employees. If you wish to become an entrepreneur, you need to work hard. You don’t have to multitask all the time or be aware of everything about your business or industry. But you must work very hard at what you do specifically, in the area of your expertise. If you try to cut corners in what you do, on your own, then you can never become a successful entrepreneur, let aside being an extraordinary entrepreneur.

There is a golden rule that you must endorse and follow all your life if you wish to become an extraordinary entrepreneur. Mediocrity is the antithesis of extraordinariness. You can never be an entrepreneur if you marvel at mediocrity, endorse it or become a part of it. Great entrepreneurs have always steered far ahead of mediocrity and have not engaged with it in any way. If you have people around you who cherish mediocrity and look at you through the same prism, then you must prevent your approach from being influenced by their perceptions. Did you know that Richard Branson was advised against Virgin Atlantic by almost everyone he knew and didn’t know? Numerous stalwarts, the rich and famous and the influential were certain that Branson would fail and that too miserably. Three decades later, we all know where Richard Branson is but no one remembers the names of the critics or those who tried to sway him away from his plans.

You will be an extraordinary entrepreneur if you are up for the challenges, if you take constructive criticism on the chin and work on it, if you are willing to listen to your customers and make changes accordingly, if you try to excel at what you do and can outdo yourself and finally, if you are willing to walk the talk and go the distance.

Dreaming or having a vision is rare but realizing that dream or vision is rarer.

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