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7 Fantastic YouTube Marketing Tips


YouTube has quickly become a platform for both personal and business use. With the opportunity to promote your products and/or services in a unique and interactive way, more businesses are beginning to use YouTube as their primary marketing resource. With that being said, starting your own channel can be difficult – especially if you do not have a large customer base and a large group of viewers. Below are some tips that you can use to ensure that you increase the amount of engagement that you have on your YouTube channel.

Choosing a Thumbnail

First impressions are everything and with that being said, you will want to choose a thumbnail that is interesting to potential viewers. The more interesting your thumbnail is, the more likely people will be to click on the image and watch your video. By having an effective thumbnail photo you will receive +154% more clicks from women and +64% more clicks from men.

Video Length

This is one aspect of owning a YouTube channel that is essentially critical to your success. Having a video that is too short will resemble a generic ad that people won’t be interested in watching and having a video that is too long will bore your viewers. Creating videos that are longer than 1 minute but shorter than 5 minutes will increase your engagement by 40%.

Casting “Real People”

Whether it be for your Facebook page or your YouTube channel it is advised that you cast real people or use photos of real people when you are advertising to your customers. Try to refrain from using celebrities as it does not allow your customers to establish trust with your brand. Companies who are able to use non-celebrities in their videos saw an increase in engagement of 12%.

Enabling Content for Mobile Devices

The world of technology is constantly changing and there are a variety of different things that companies can do to help their marketing videos become compatible for mobile devices. When you upload a video on YouTube, ensure that it is enabled for mobile viewing as you will have an 8% increase of CTR.

Remember Meta Data

As with your website and/or blog, there is meta data that you can fill out when you post a YouTube video. This information includes a description, your headline, and even tags. With effective and relevant meta data, viewers will be able to find your videos when they search for your tags on YouTube.

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