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How to Become a Full YouTube Partner Fast

How to Become a Full YouTube Partner Fast

Become a YouTube Partner in 5 Easy Steps

To become a YouTube partner you will need a couple of important things. Get as many views and subscribers as you can get. The more fans watching your videos the better it is for you. In addition, engaging content is the key to a strong YouTube account. Your videos don’t have to go viral, it just needs to speak to your audience and hold their interest.

First Impression Count

The first 15 seconds of a video are the key to a great video. You can win or lose your viewers in those crucial initial seconds. Whatever the subject of the video is, get straight to the main point and prove it is worth watching the rest of the video. Attention spans are very short on the internet, so creating a long intro that does nothing for he viewer is a sure way to lose them. How you structure the beginning of the video will have the most impact on the number of views and user engagement.

Collaborate with Others

Seek out other Youtubers that make great content related to yours and form collaborations to expand your audience. Engage and entertain the viewers and you will get many new subscribers. You can create some epic content with Youtubers in your niche and have the videos continue from one of your channels to the other. Also consider collaborating with a whole bunch of people in one project to really kick it up a notch.

Create Special Content

There are lots of creative ways of really interacting with viewers and quickly increasing the number of subscribers. A few ideas include:

• Contest – Give away a cool prize to engage with your audience.
• Tutorials – Teach viewers new skills or how to do something interesting or useful.
• Q & A – Asking and answering viewer questions is always a favorite.
• Story – Become a story teller and share an interesting tale with compelling visuals.
• Giveaways – Everyone likes freebies, so give something for comments or subscribes.
• Interactive Video – Create a series of interactive videos to let the viewer make choices.

Join a Network

Find a network within your niche which can help you advertise your channel and attract many more viewers who fit your target audience. You do need to have a decent following to get accepted into any of the larger networks. If you are still starting out, then this gives you something to aim for.

Why Become a Partner?

There are lots of benefits to becoming a YouTube partner. This includes getting more views and earning more money through Google Adsense or advertising partners.

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