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How to Get More People to View My Profile on LinkedIn

How to Get More People to View My Profile on LinkedIn

Learn the Ins and Outs of LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a large social media network, which rarely gets the same attention as Facebook and Twitter from online marketers. This is a big mistake, as LinkedIn has a lot of potential as a means of marketing a business. Read on to learn how to use this social media site in your personal and business marketing.

Movers and Shakers

For most people, Facebook is their first port of call when they need to market themselves and their business. This is mainly because of the massive user base of Facebook. However, looking at it demographically, LinkedIn does have some advantages.

There are over 135 million users of LinkedIn from around the world, and 77 % of the members are 25 years of age and above. The average household income of the site users is $109,000. This kind of demographic makes for a much more active and engaged user base.

Complete Your Profile

Your profile page will typically rank very high in search results for your name, so make sure it is fully completed. Make the best impression possible, by presenting yourself in a professional manner. If you haven’t done this yet, spend a few minutes to fill in your profile.

Connect With Everyone

Some people only concentrate on keeping in contact with those they already know. But why would you want to limit your network? With more than 135 million users out there, you have a great opportunity to connect with new people. Don’t be overly selective about accepting or adding people, as with more direct connections you create even more business opportunities.

Customize Your URL

Don’t forget this all important step. It is simple to do and will bring with it many benefits. You can create a custom URL that better reflects your name. You can find the option in the edit profile screen. Also if you have your own site or blog, then add that as well.

Spice Up Your Image

A bland and boring profile page won’t win you many customers. Use your creativity to come up with an interesting style to present your image to the world. Videos, stories, testimonials and recommendation can all help inform people about you and your business.

Recommend Other People

To get the most out of a social network, you have to give before you receive. Actively help out other people with recommendations when appropriate. If your support helps someone land a job, then they won’t forget it and will return the favour at some point.

Join Some Groups

To get the most out of the power of LinkedIn you need to join groups related to your industry. Eventually you could even start your own group and establish yourself as the go to expert in your niche.

A Company Profile

With your personal profile setup and completed, you can now create a page for your business. Add company information and videos to explain your products and services. This is a great way of getting further exposure for your business.

Optimize Search Rankings

Lots of people search on LinkedIn to find new jobs, connections and experts in their industry. You can capitalize on this by optimizing various sections of your profile with the desirable keywords.

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