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10 Most Popular Instagram Photo Filters

10 Most Popular Instagram Photo Filters

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What your Instagram Filter Say about You

Thanks to the massive popularity of Instagram, millions of people have become would be photographers.

Instagram boasts more than 100 million monthly active users. An impressive 40 million photos are taken every day through the app. The users are very much active and engaged with 8,500 likes and 1,000 comments left per second. The Instagram population is made up of mostly younger people, with almost 90 % of users under the ager of 34. Women outnumber men by a slight margin at 55 % of usage.

Snapping photos has been made even more compelling with all the various filters that can be applied. But did you know that the filter used can say more about you than the picture itself? Let’s have a fun look at what the top filters on Instagram say about your personality.

1. Normal – 43 % usage

Normal filter users fall into two categories. Some are tech beginners who are still figuring out their Smartphone, while others are tech-savvy users

2. Earlybird – 10 % Usage

The earlybird users’ first photo on Instagram was probably of the record player they just bought. These photographers love the retro and mock anything modern.

3. X-Pro II – 8 % Usage

These optimists like to see the world a little brighter than it is and would like you to see things that way as well. Even a cold and rainy day can’t dampen their spirits.

4. Valencia – 5 % Usage

These light sensitive snappers, just love to take every thing down a notch or two. Their very slightly faded photos manage to capture the moment but fail to capture our interest.

5. Rise – 4 % Usage

These lazy artist want to use filters, but not if it mean scrolling down options. They also want to take well lit shots, but without really learning how. Well Rise is the perfect filter for them

6. Amaro – 4 % Usage

These users never seem to be able to take a properly lit photo. Thankfully they have Amaro to make those dark images a little lighter.

7. Hefe – 4 % Usage

These color crazy photographers who like nothing better than turning every image into a vibrant piece of art. Their sunset pics are said to be blinding.

8. Hudson – 3 % Usage

Hudson users seem to like cold and gloomy photos above all. The world is just too alive for them, so they take the edge of everything with this filter.

9. Brannan – 3 % Usage

The typical Brannan user probably left art school in real life, but not in their heart. Every photo has to be every bit as dramatic as they are.

10. Nashville – 3 % Usage

The Nashville users like to play it cool. They don’t try too hard either in life or when taking photos.

So the next time you are looking through the Instagram filters, think about what your choice may say about you.

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