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How to Become a CEO


Are you a CEO? Do you think you have what it takes to be a CEO of a major company? When it comes to people in this position, there are many similar traits shared by them. From well-known and influential people to smart compassionate individuals, knowing what makes a CEO is a great way to see if you can do it. So, let’s see what makes a CEO and how you compare to people who hold these prestigious jobs.

What Traits Are CEO’s Known For?

Of all the traits CEO’s are known for, having a biased towards action and being optimistic are among the two most important. Whereas other people would give up or not even try to pursue their idea, people who become CEO’s are willing to put everything on the line to take that risk. In addition, people who are CEO’s are often forward thinking, inclined to take calculated risks, can read people very well, and are willing to trust others.

As a result, a CEO combines confidence and integrity with themselves and trust in other people to create a company that functions profitably.

What Kind of Education Have CEO’s Received?

All expect for 2% of current CEO’s went to college. So, if you are thinking about becoming the CEO of your own business, then college is the way to go. However, it also matter what college you went to. As it is to be expected, a sizable chunk of the current CEO’s came from Ivy League institutions. When combining that number with other top rated colleges, then the majority fall into that category.

How Did CEO’s Get Their Job?

Four out of five CEO’s rose to their position by rising up through the company they work for. That is not to say that they started in the mailroom and worked their way up. Rather, they came in at a lower position, and then took over the position when it became available. On average, only a quarter of all CEO’s will work for the same company their entire lives. In addition, the average length of time people spend as CEO’s is 5 years for those coming up the ranks, and 4 years for those who were promoted from outside.

If after reading through these checklists you are reminded of yourself, then why not give it a try? If you are interested in business or want to start your own, then take a lesson from CEO’s and take the risk.

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