32 Great Call Center Team Names

An estimated 3.5 million individuals are currently employed in the United States at call centers. An average of 45.4 billion inbound calls occur each year. The cost is estimated to be $5.90 per each inbound call to the company. The top call center locations are Texas, Florida, Arizona, and Washington. With more than 71% of women working at cal centers, a combination of local, regional, and national markets are served. A compilation of call center team names will help to encourage an adaptive and creative environment to call center employees. These have been shared by others and are intended to help inspire your own name selection process.

A Center for Ants
Alarm Clock Catastrophe
All Business Brigade
All Ears
Ask to Answer
Brains in Jars
Command Line Prompts
Creepy Callers
Events of the Day
General Byzantines
Goon Squad
Hooked on Fonix
Interesting People Inc.
Linking Loop
Meat Wagon
Men in Slacks
Out of the Cubicle, Into the Fire
Random Squad
Schrute Space
Suit Up
Tag & Release
Team 10
Team Sharkbait
Technical Knockouts
The Bottom Line
The Cubicle Crew
The Cubicle Legends
The Inner Loop
White Collar Callers
Worker Bees
Your Service Jumpers

The below infographic outlines the value call centers offer businesses while meeting customer demands. An estimated 79% of customers prefer to have a phone conversation compared to other available options. Even in online phone scenarios, more than 69% of customers prefer to talk. This growing demand has led many companies to prioritize their service options and increase phone offerings.

Call Center Industry Trends