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How to Be Happy With Yourself All the Time


Signs You Are Truly Happy

1. Daily Exercise
When you are happy, there is a higher possibility that you will engage in activities that promotes your health. Findings from a recent study performed by the American Psychological Association reveals that depression across all ages is significantly reduced by exercise.

2. Happy Friends
The possibility that you will remain happy is increased by 9% with each happy friend you have.

3. Smart Thrills
For happy people, they know that they do not need to get involved in anything that has the potential of damaging their reputation. They are content with reality and live life to the fullest.

4. Enough Sleep
When you are happy you sleep better. Good sleep is promoted by low stress levels. It is worth to note that if you are making $60,000 more in annual income, it has a less positive impact on your daily happiness as compared to having an extra hour of sleep at night.

5. Self-Trust
When you doubt your judgement, you are prone to a variety of psychological challenges like low self-esteem, depression, anxiety, and mood swings.

6. Live in the Now
People are happier when engaged in what they are doing as compared to when they lack concentration. From research, it has been discovered that people spend as much as 45% of their working hours in mind wondering.

7. Gratitude
Instead of focusing on what you do not have, maximize the resources that you have. Put your talents to use and make the best of it. People who are grateful are known by the fact that they appreciate the simple pleasure of life.

8. Bounce Back
Emotional safe harbor is the baseline level of contentment. people who are happy occasionally leave for blues and bliss but return easily and naturally rather than alternating between despair and euphoria.

9. Get Unplugged
Turn off the television if you want to be happier. It has been discovered that people who spend more time watching television are less happy in the long run.

10. Smile
Happy people smile from the inside out. Their mouths turn up at the edges without their control.

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