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How to Conduct an Interview and Choose the Right Job Applicant


Top 10 Screening Mistakes Made by Recruiters

This article explains the top mistakes made by recruiters as they examine candidates for various positions in the organization.

1. Selecting Candidates with Exaggerated Resume
From research it has been discovered that employers have hired employees with mismatched skills as the selection process was entirely based on the resume.

2. Not Asking the Right Question in Interviews
Many recruiters fail to ask relevant questions. They ought to ask probing questions that would access how the candidate will perform on the job.

3. Interviewing the Wrong Personalities for the Job
It is necessary to find the right person for the job as this reduces staff turnover costs by up to 200%.

4. Relying Entirely on the Interview
Recruiters make this grave mistake, but research has proven that relying entirely on the interview increases the chances of finding the right candidate by just 2%.

5. Not Checking References
Research has shown that as many as 25% of employees do not check references.

6. Discounting an Over Qualified Person for the Job
It is rare to find a complete match for the job, so recruiters recruit a candidate for a position he is over qualified for.

7. Lack of Communication Among Authorities
Excellent communication among management staff is essential for the success of a recruitment process. This should not be treated with kids gloves.

8. Falling for the “I need someone right now” Syndrome
It is very costly to make a choice based on the information on the resume and the cover letter. Depending on the industry, this could lead to a high turnover cost.

9. Failing to Provide a Detailed and Accurate Job Description
Providing accurate and precise details can reduce the number of applications to only qualified candidates. This approach is more efficient.

10. Not Selling the Job/Company
Recruiters have to see the recruitment process as a serious one and not using it as a means to favor any candidate. If the integrity of the process is breached, it could spell danger for the organization.

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