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10 Ways to Increase Average Consumer Spending Per Visit


Top 10 Ways to Increase Customer Spending At Your Small Business

1. Develop a real relationship with every customer. Customers are interest in spending more time with business owners that have their best interest at heart. This makes them always come back for more. Survey results have confirmed that out of 4 customers, 3 have constantly patronized companies because of past pleasant experiences.

2. Be good at what you do. Being an expert at your service is a great way to make customers always come back for more. Take note of specific customers needs and tailor your services to meet their specifications.

3. Pay attention to what a customer purchases on their first visit so when they come again, you can make useful recommendations.

4. Exclusive loyalty programs could attract the attention of clients. Set up special sales promotion such that customers can earn credits to use on the next purchase.

5. Offer customers something better for a little increase in price. If your customers are impressed, they will request for more.

6. Observe and note what sells the most, provide a variety of that item to avail your clients with more options.

7. If you are using a loyalty program, encourage the customers to spend more to earn more discounts. For example, if your customer has a balance of $41, encourage him to spend $50 and earn a price reduction of $4.

8. Make sure your shop has an appeal that encourages customers. This can boost sales to an unprecedented level.

9. Offer customers deals that makes them spend more. For example, “Get 3 for the price of 2,” bonuses will make customers spend much more.

10. When displaying your items, consider the taste of clients. Make sure the accessories are displayed in such a manner as to compliment the main item, especially if you are in the fashion industry.

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