37 Catchy Canned Food Drive Slogans

In recent times an average of 15% of American households do not have dependable or consistent access to food and healthy living. This is regarded as low food security and has been at its highest level since the mid 90’s. On a global scale, an average 870 million people are undernourished making an average 1 in 9 people unable to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. Hunger and malnutrition is considered the number one risk to people worldwide, higher than the risk of AIDS. A series of canned food drive slogans are outlined below for businesses and individuals that wish to partake in the fight against hunger. These are current slogans used by businesses in the past when operating their own employee and customer food drive.

A towering problem, hunger.
Bean counters against hunger.
Building a better community by fighting hunger today.
Check out hunger.
Click on end hunger.com.
Contract for a better tomorrow. End hunger today.
Design a hunger free community.
Dining out to end hunger.
Fighting a high rise problem – hunger.
Go away… hunger.
Hang up on hunger.
Hunger – if only words could fix it,
Hunger go figure.
Hunger, for some its short term, for others it whole life.
Hunger: An unwelcomed guest.
Lend the hungry a helping hand.
Lets clean up on hunger.
Lets get together to end hunger.
Making hunger disappear.
No matter how you say it, hunger hurts.
Operation: End Hunger.
Provide better healthcare… cure hunger.
See justice done. Feed the hungry.
Sleep over to end hunger.
Strike a gusher of compassion, feed the hungry.
Take a bite out of hunger.
The best closing of all: A closed door on hunger.
The blueprint for feeding the hungry.
The hungry – give them the credit they deserve, feed them.
The hungry are banking on you.
The hungry are counting on you.
The hungry, you can insure their future.
The title deed to tomorrow: Food.
The Ultimate Savings Deposit: Feeding the Hungry.
Turn the tables on hunger.
We offer protection… from hunger.
Wipe out hunger.

Food waste has significantly increased over the last 40 years to 1,400 calories being wasted by each person daily. 2 billion people could be fed for a year with the amount of food thrown out each year in the United States alone. The below infographic takes a look at current statistics of food waste within the United States and United Kingdom.
Statistics of Food Waste in US