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Guy Kawasaki Presentation and Executive Summary with Mantra

Guy Kawasaki Presentation and Executive Summary with Mantra

The Art of Changing Hearts, Minds and Actions

There are many challenges and difficulties we face in life. From social interactions, to dealing with work related issues. Learn how to improve every aspect of your daily life by achieving enchantment.

How to Achieve Likability

• Show a positive attitude, by smiling and laughing.
• Dress smartly and appropriately for the situation.
• Perfect your greeting and handshake.
• “Yes” should be your default response

How to Achieve Trustworthiness

• Learn to trust other people.
• Disclose what your interests are.
• Give to others for intrinsic reasons.
• Always take others into consideration in decisions.

How to Prepare

• Aim to do something really great.
• Perform a project “premortem”. I.e. how the plan could fail.
• Keep it simple, short and easily explained.
• Remove barriers and prevent over complications.

How to Launch

• Tell a relatable and memorable story.
• Promote through trial and test runs.
• Utilize as many channels as possible.
• Clearly convey the unique selling proposition.

How to Overcome Resistance

• Provide compelling social proof.
• Show everyone what makes your proposition special.
• Focus on a strong point.
• Enchant all the influencers in the field.

How to Make Enchantment Endure

• Aim to expand internationally.
• Efficiently push implementation.
• Encourage reciprocity.
• Create an enduring ecosystem.

How to Enchant Your Employees

• Provide a clear purpose, encourage autonomy and skill mastery.
• Empower staff to do the right thing.
• Analyse the results you achieve and the intentions of others.
• Take responsibility.

How to Enchant your Boss

• Make the boss look good.
• Place priority on what the boss asks from you.
• Under-promise, but be sure to over-deliver.
• Produce early results, by prototyping your work.

How to Use Technology

• Remove any speed bumps.
• Provide great value, in the form of assistance, information and insights.
• Engage the audience quickly
• Use presentations effectively. A good rule of thumb; 10 slides for 20 minutes with 30 point font.

How to Resist Enchantment

• Try to avoid tempting situations.
• View situations in the long-term.
• Create yourself a checklist.
• Only allow yourself to be enchanted in small ways.

Whether you are working within an organization or running your own venture, use the above points to help you get the most out of people and life.

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