Largest Kickstarter Projects and Kickstarter Statistics that Matter


Crowdfunding on Kickstarter

As crowdfunding takes off, so has Kickstarters rise in popularity. Seeing more than 5 million visitors each day with 3700 projects funded with 18 million dollars, Kickstarter has become the most popular website to seek crowdfunding.

Growth Statistics

• Launched a total of 68,878 projects.
• Raised a total of 336 million dollars.
• Seen a total of 73,859,544 visitors.

Projects that Grew the Quickest

1. Ouya – A portable game console build on the Android OS with free games and other fun media content.
Goal $100,000
Pledged $10,255,846

2. Double Fine Adventure – In 6-8 months, developing their next game which is a classic point and click adventure.
Goal $400,000
Pledged $3,336,372

3. Pebble – An app customizable watch where you can download new watchfaces, use sports and fitness apps, while receiving notifications from your phone.
Goal $100,000
Pledged $10,266,846

4. Elevation Dock – A dock designed for the iPhone that works with cases and built at a new level of quality and minimalist design.
Goal $75,000
Pledged $1,464,707

5. Wasteland 2 – A sequel to the popular 1988 RPG and predecessor to the Fallout series.
Goal $900,000
Pledged $2,933,252

6. Amanda Palmer – Release of new album by Amanda Palmer and the Grand Theft Orchestra.
Goal $100,000
Pledged $1,192,793

7. The Order of the Stick – The goal of this was to reprint the out of Print book and reach new readers with existing fans.
Goal $57,750
Pledged $1,254,120

8. Shadowrun Returns – The game that brought back one of the most cherished and designed game settings as a 2D turn based RPG for tablets and PC.
Goal $400,000
Pledged $1,836,447

Projects by Categories

• Film and Video – $86.14m
• Games – $56.34m
• Music – $52.04m
• Design – $50.90m
• Technology – $21.90m
• Publishing – $16.77m
• Art – $15.63m
• Food – $11.28m
• Theater – $10.82m
• Comics – $9.25m
• Photography – $5.34m
• Fashion – $5.20m
• Dance – $2.69m

It is determined that 12% of projects that finished, never received a single pledge. However, 82% of projects raised more than 20% of their goal and were successfully funded.