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Current Smartphone Manufacturer Market Share Statistics


The Scoop on MCommerce

Smartphones, what were once thought of as only something savvy professionals toted about, are now being carried by nearly everyone. No matter the brand (though Apple, mostly), smartphones give both young and old owners the ability to shop on-the-go and access the internet from anywhere. Retailers in a number of sectors should take note of the trend of cell phone sales, no matter if you cater to women or men. This is especially true if you cater to the female aged 25-54 market sector.

More Phones = More Sales

And what has this rise in cell phone ownership done for manufacturers, web designers, and companies that have paid attention? Generated more sales. Did you know that many shoppers are now relying overwhelmingly on their mobile phones to make purchases? It is something we like to call the mcommerce revolution. Over half of customers now use their phones to browse the web, and retailers who have been catering to this market have seen a jump of around 30% in sales made on mobile devices, alone. This is why it is very important for companies and retailers to have websites that are cell phone friendly, now more than ever.

What Are They Buying?

With most smart phone owners, surprisingly, being women, the largest number of mobile sales are occurring on sites that feature fashion items. The jump in clothing purchases has been most significant over the last few years. The internet is still also a place where many people purchase media goods, as well, such as books, CDs and music, or films. Interestingly enough, when shopping online first started gaining in popularity, these were also the first things that were being sold successfully on webpages where shopping could be done. Soon, people might start purchasing larger and more important items through their cell phones.

Who is Buying It?

With a vast majority (around 60%) of everyday, average people owning cell phones, nearly anyone could be buying these goods. As both the younger and older set become more comfortable with cell phones, increasing of sales among these groups could skyrocket in the coming years. If the trend keeps skewing toward women, as far as the number of actual cell phone owners goes, we may also see the continuing rise of purchases like clothing, fashion items, or even household goods, health and beauty products, or food in the coming years. There is no doubt that smartphones will continue to cell, and give more consumers access to mcommerce.

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