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Jobs and Careers for INTP Personality Profile

Jobs and Careers for INTP Personality Profile

The INTP personality profile is one that encompasses those that are flexible and tolerant, but also quiet and thoughtful. These are individuals who would rather stay outside of large groups and spend time alone with their thoughts. However, they are also able to excel in large groups, but it takes a lot of energy on their part. Thinking outside of the norm and being highly logical defines how the INTP profile excels in the workplace.


Long days in utter silence drive a chemist forward. These professionals need to be flexible with their hours as well as their assertions. They would rather stay alone in the lab and be with their thoughts. These individuals truly find success when they are alone. However, being in big groups is tolerated at times when larger experiments need to be done with the utmost care. Thinking of new theories or outcomes further strengthens this profile when they choose to be a chemist.

Computer Programmer

Programmers find themselves spending long hours behind their desks trying to come up with new algorithms and fix current bugs. While being in a team is the norm, programmers are typically assigned their duties and left to their own devices while they finish up a task. There is a necessity to think of new ways to accomplish a task and thinking outside of the box simply relates with their career. Flexibility and tolerance will be needed as constant changes are always going to be made.


Geologists study the earth and will need to spend hours each day alone with their studies. Theories and careful attention to detail are what every geologist is able to find comfort in. They are highly tolerant and will need to be thoughtful with every duty that they undertake. Going to conventions to announce new findings may be needed, but most of their time is spent alone. Logical decisions and thought patterns further increase a geologist’s career.


Physicists are going to need to be highly logical and will find themselves stuck in their thoughts for hours on end. When a new theory comes about, a clear mind and understanding will be needed to fully examine the theory and determine if the findings are acceptable. Thinking outside of the norm will need to be done routinely as a physicist simply needs to formulate the unknown. Taking action based on personal beliefs and opinions will further help a physicist excel in their career.

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