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22 Secrets to Living Longer and Healthier


Surprising Ways to Stay Alive, Longer

While the fountain of youth may only be a myth, there are things that you can do in your daily life to help you stay alive, longer. Here, we have compiled a few of the wackiest, weirdest, and most surprising ways that you might be able to live longer (or, at least, appear younger). If you have every wondered about a few small changes that you could make to keep your health up, appear younger, or just last a bit longer, think about these.

You Are What You Eat

Diet is, of course, very important to health and longevity. Research suggest that those who eat less have better heart health. Adding some different things to your diet is an option, as well. Coffee (more than 6 cups a day) can reduce mortality rate by up to 15%. Asparagus may help to reduce your risk for some cancers. Tomato paste, eaten daily, can protect your skin against the aging effects of the sun. Turmeric can also help with scarring and skin quality, as can pine bark supplements. Eating more fiber could help you to reduce risk of dying by around 20%.

Relationships Are Important

Having meaningful relationships can help you to live longer and appear younger. Having a dog, for instance, helps you to exercise more and can decrease risk of depression. Those that date more appear young, as do those who have never gotten a divorce. Connecting with online friends through Twitter or Skype can preserve your brain health. If you party a lot with friends, you can reduce your risk for dementia in old age by over half. Dancing with others three times per week is great exercise. If you have sex twice per week, you reduce your risk for death by half.

What to Do In Your Spare Time

Exercising both your mind and body are important to live longer. Being creative means you may live longer. Going to the store on a daily basis can reduce your risk of death by about one-fourth. If you are good at something, keep at it. Those who win awards live longer, as demonstrated by athletes and movie stars. Doing puzzles and brain teasers keeps your mind young. Every day, you should try to walk (less risk of depression), do squats and lunges (to prevent injuries to the hips later in life), and try to run around 20 miles per week, if possible.

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