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20 Good Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

The price tag for conventional advertising could be huge, this may hinder companies’ especially smaller ones from venturing into this area. This led to the development of an unconventional but yet effective means of marketing. One of such is guerrilla marketing tactics. What is guerrilla marketing tactics? This is a low cost unconventional marketing strategy that can be used to promote a product or service and even an idea.

This system of service promotion depends on time, energy and imagination instead of a huge marketing budget. Basically, this unconventional mode of marketing is expected to be interactive, targeting the consumers in unexpected places. The main objective of guerrilla marketing tactics is to develop an engaging, unique and thought provoking idea or concept that will then go viral among the target audience. This form of marketing usually involves meetings in public places, giving away of products on the street and in outdoor areas and any other form of unconventional means aimed at reaching a larger audience with minimal resources.

This form of marketing is ideal for small businesses that are running an advertising campaign on a tight budget. It is also recommended for large companies who want to reach out to the grass root audience as a means of complimenting other forms of mass media reach out programs. It could also be adopted by individuals as a way of seeking for a job or finding more work.

A Brief History of Guerrilla Marketing

Advertising dates back to 4000BC at a time when the early Egyptians made use of sales messages on wall posters. However, it was not until the early 20th century that conventional advertising methods were developed. At this time, the sole aim of advertising was to educate the consumer. Little or no attention was given to engage and entertain the consumer. By 1960, most advertising campaign efforts were based on a heavy budget through mass media channels like radio and the printing press.

By late 1980’s and early 1990’s, cable television witnessed an increase in advertising messages. There was a huge rush for the attention of the consumer as everyone wanted a piece of the action. At this time, the consumers grew tired of the rush and there was a need for a change.

In 1984, Jay Conrad, a marketer, introduced the term “guerrilla marketing” in his book. He was of the opinion that there needs to be a way of combating the conventional marketing techniques by an unconventional method. This suggestion came at a time when radio and television advertisement were on the rise, but the consumers were already bored, so he proposed that it was time for advertising to be unique, captivating, engaging and surprising. He also felt that the associated cost for an advertising campaign could only be afforded by already established companies. If smaller companies were to gain a share of the market, there needed to be a change. To this end, Guerrilla marketing tactics was then born. This concept was accepted and began to grow rapidly in different aspects.

Guerrilla Marketing Principles

There are lots of “weapons” that can be used for guerrilla marketing, however, marketers are encouraged to be creative as the success of this marketing tactics is hinged on creativity. According to Livinson, an author in this field, he recommends that a guerrilla marketer must deliver the goods and must have an established relationship with the client in order to make a sale. Here are some principles as identified by Livinson.

He refers to them as the foundation for guerrilla marketing as listed below.

1. He recommends guerrilla marketing tactics for small businesses and entrepreneurs as a way of getting more exposure with minimum cost.

2. This form of marketing is based on human psychology instead of guesswork or experience. It seeks to appeal to the senses of the target audience.

3. Profit is the main indicator which is used to measure the success of guerrilla marketing effort and not sales.

4. The focus of the marketer’s effort should be on getting the target audience to request for more information rather than making a sale.

Examples of Guerrilla Marketing Tactics

Here are some examples of guerrilla marketing tactics that applies in contemporary everyday living.

1. Temporary Tattoos: Getting the information around with respect to your blog or business can be done with ease by making use of temporary tattoos. These tattoos will remain intact for an unspecified number of days. You could stick them on your forehead, behind your neck, maybe on the back of ladies wearing bikinis and worn to an event with a large number of attendees. Places like soccer, baseball games and the cinemas would be a great place to wear these tattoos to.

2. Sticker on Bumper:This is a great and cost effective means. If you run a car wash, you can produce stickers and place them on client’s cars. The message could read. , “I wash my car at ABC Car Wash. Where do you wash yours?” these messages go a long way. Such stickers are better placed on rear glasses so that it could be easily seen in traffic.

3. Business Cards: Through the use of business cards, you can reach a wider audience. Go to the local library and in the section that relates to your business, place your complimentary card in every book you can lay your hands on. This will cost a few dollars to print the card and your time spent in placing them in the books.

4. Hand Bills: Another method of distributing your hand bill is by going to a local news vendor, place your hand bill in every newspaper and magazine you can find before they are taken to the new stand. Your hand bill will certainly reach someone.

Ways to Reach Out

1. Unique Door Hanger
If you are heading to a conference or an online marketing summit, you can print a door hanger with your business name on it. If you have a website, you can include your website URL and add a link to some free stuff on your website.

2. Sticky Notes
This will make a great impression as people know what they are meant for. Print your message on them and stick them at various locations. Your message will get around and people will know more about you.

3. Holiday Greeting Cards
Send emails to your previous clients and wish them a happy holiday. This can be done during Christmas, New Year and Thanksgiving. This will help them retain your business name in their heads.

4. Sponsor an Event
Sponsoring an event gives great publicity to your business. It is a lot better if it is a big event. Place your logo and a short message at strategic places. You can attend the event and interact with the guest. This adds color and style to your brand.

5. Window Decals
Custom Printed window decals can be placed on your cars and windows. They can contain your company logo and slogan. They should be professionally designed with a great color combination to get attention.

6. Print Calendars
Give away customized calendars for free. These could be placed where clients can pick them as they leave your business premises or you can give them a copy at the counter as they make payments. The calendar should contain information relating to the details of your business.

7. Organize Demo Sessions
This is recommended for those who are into provision of services. Organize a free demonstration of what you do at a local store that relates to your business. Get the news around through local news stations and you would be amazed at the results that your effort would give.

8. Anything Else
This two words could make a whole lot of difference when you are dealing with clients. Say these words right before you exchange cash with the client. You would be amazed that the client would ask for more, resulting in a larger pay day.

9. Organize A Contest
Organizing a contest is a cost effective way of getting the message around. Organize it in such a way that every participant is a winner. During publicity, it helps to get the word around.

10. Branded T-Shirts
Giving away high quality T-Shirt that people would like to wear could turn them into a walking bill board in your favor. This could also be given away as prices won at the contest. It may not necessarily contain your URL, but should contain your company logo. Make it something people would love to wear to the games, telling friends about you all the way.

11. Newspapers
This does not require you placing an advert in your local newspapers. For those who have great copy writing skills, they can write editorials for local newspaper and include a line for their business. The same goes for magazines.

12. Outdoor Signs
This is a great way of getting the news out there. It is normally used during elections for mayors and by realtors for houses that just got refurbished. Choose a great line for your sign and be sure to get the desired attention.

13. Doctor’s Office Magazine
When you get to the doctor’s office, while you are waiting to be attended to, slip your business card into every magazine you can find there. It is a worth wile effort.

14. Bus Stop Ads
If you can place your posters on the walls of the bus stop, you will be able to reach a wide number of audiences. Capture their attention while they wait to use the bus service.

15. Offer Something Extra
Extras gets the client coming for more. If you are into the design of websites, offer to setup hosting and buy the domain name, if you are a gardener, offer to clear the snow in the winter. If you make dinners for hospitals and offices, offer to make desserts. There is always something that can be offered as an extra. Locate it and add it to your services.

16. Sex Sales
If your business is in this industry you can take advantage of this to get some attention. Except for “Highly Corporate Industries” like the financial institutions, most others could use a sex advert in several ways. For example a car wash outfit could use the service of some cute looking ladies in bikinis to wash the cars of clients. This would obviously grab the attention of passer-by and generate the much needed traffic to your business.

Guerrilla marketing tactics is a marketing strategy that has come to stay. Small scale businesses and upcoming ones can take advantage of it to take their businesses to new heights.

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