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How to Ace Online Video Job Interviews


Succeeding at Video Interviews

Video interviews are the new wave when it comes to job interviews. But why? And how can you better your chances of succeeding the next time you are asked for an interview via Skype? Here, we will talk about why you should not be surprised if your next first or second round interview for a job is done via a video service, and give you plenty of helpful and easy tips and tricks to convey all the right things through your video feed.

Why Do Companies Use Video Interviews?

Companies use video interviews for a variety of reasons. They help HR people to save money in travel, trying to fill positions, can save time, and are, for most people, very easy to conduct. Not only that, but they also allow those interviewing a candidate to see more because they are able to not just hear what a person is saying, as well as their tone, but also their accompanying body language and facial expressions. Believe it or not, over half of what others see and hear when we say things in our daily life has to do with body language.

Best Body Language

The best body language is not so tough to master. Believe it or not, all it takes is a bit of practice. Exhibit active listening by nodding your head yes. Seem engaged by leaning forward. Most importantly, smile like you always would to show kindness. If you maintain eye contact, you will seem more confident. Try not to avoid eye contact, as this can seem untrustworthy. Leaning back can show lack of caring, as can frowning. A brow that seems knitted may make the interviewer think that you are a bit confused, might not feel entirely comfortable, or might not agree with the question. Avoid all these things.

Video Interview Tips

There are a few simple tips you can always use to make your video interview smoother. Dress as you would for a normal interview: very professionally. Also, be sure that, just as in a real face-to-face interview, you avoid fidgeting. Look at the camera, as it if were the other person’s eyes. When it comes to audio and visual prep, try to frame the video with your face in the middle. Be sure you are in a well-lighted and clean space. Lastly, test out the software that you are using before you actually start to be sure sound and video are both working.

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