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Color Emotion Meanings and Color Emotion Association in Logo Design

Color Emotion Meanings and Color Emotion Association in Logo Design

What Your Logo Color Says

Your company’s logo color communicates a strong first impression about the personality of your company. What values does your company stand for? These values should be reflected in the color of your logo. Design your logo around a color that embraces the major themes of your company and create a readable logo and you will attract more readers to your website. These readers are all potential customers that may choose to purchase your products based on how much they like the personality of your company that they see reflected in the color of your company logo. Read the following list of colors to get a brief description of what each color communicates to your reader.


Power, blood, bold, passion, rebellion, action and danger. Use red for a strong business plan featuring bold and powerful services and products. Famous brands that feature red in their logos include McDonald’s and Coca Cola, two extremely successful brands. Note that they use limited color palettes: McDonald’s uses yellow and red and Coca Cola uses white on red. The white or yellow stands out boldly on the red background, playing up the fact that these powerful brands are powerful, pure and energetic.


Pink stands for feminine, soft, pretty, romantic and fun. However, some would argue that pink might not be the best way to connect to a primarily female audience because most women prefer purple or blue. However, the Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer Awareness has gained immense popularity and the logo has contributed to an extremely successful nonprofit marketing campaign.


Orange translates into happy, innovative, unique, retro, energetic, cheerful, confident and warm impressions. Orange really stands out in the advertising world and gives off positive messages to consumers. Famous brands that use orange include FedEx, Nickelodeon and Home Depot. Orange can be a great color for computer repair and design.


Yellow represents happy, fun, energetic, optimism, friendship and caution. Yellow is a ubiquitous symbol of happiness because of the smiley face. Yellow is a great color for start-up companies because the primary color grabs customer attention and conveys happiness, energy and optimism.


Green represents eco-friendly, earthy, peace, natural, growth, renewal and money. Green is an excellent color for environmentally friendly construction or architecture companies. It also works beautifully for grocery stores or farmer’s markets. Starbucks features a green logo and is very environmentally conscious as well as globally successful.


The most popular color; ubiquitous. But for good reason, blue stands for trust, competence and knowledge. It is also a favorite of female shoppers. Also standing for stability and reliability, blue is a very powerful color. Famous blue logos include Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, the lion’s share of the social media market.


A favorite of female consumers, violet or purple stands for creative, decadent, luxurious, royal, humanity, chic, education, wise, imaginative and elegant products. Violet logos work really well for companies that specialize in planning and holding weddings and special events and catering companies. Violet is also an excellent education color for educational and testing companies.


Black creates classic, traditional and villainous connotations.


Gray is corporate, commercial, dull and boring. This color is a standard but it is reputed to be the consumer’s least favorite color. Use gray with caution. It does work well as an accent color.


White conveys purity, simplicity, innocence, neutrality and peacefulness. White makes an excellent foreground color for text against a dark background.

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