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Examples of the Most Overused Buzzwords in Business Public Relations

Examples of the Most Overused Buzzwords in Business Public Relations

Overused Buzzed Words

Buzzwords add popular spice to your article or web content, but they can start to sound like that overplayed song on the radio after constant use. In Public Relations, buzzwords can buzz so much they are killed. A few buzzwords sprinkled in for emphasis can be a good thing, but just like cayenne pepper, a little goes a long way. If you put too much in, it spoils the entire dish. According to Pressat, “48% of journalists delete email pitches that contain multiple buzzwords.” Read on for a list of the most overused buzzwords in Public Relations (PR).

Currently, there are several popular buzzwords being used in Public Relations. Some of the top buzzwords include:
1. Awareness
2. Dynamic
3. Forward thinking
4. Influencer
5. Innovative
6. Leading
7. Optimized
8. Organic
9. Phenomenon
10. Utilize

These ten buzzwords are being used by thousands of people in thousands of pitches across the globe. Although these buzzwords are popular, they may be beginning to be overused. Follow the trends to see what new buzzwords are out there that you can use to make your content stand out.
These ten buzzwords spark reader interest and engage your consumer with your brand and content. However, buzzwords come and go quickly so watch the trends for up and coming buzzwords. However, remember moderation of buzzwords is key. Don’t jam pack your content with too many buzzwords. One per paragraph is plenty.

The following list of buzzwords are old and used up. They have been used so many times that now they fall on deaf ears.

These buzzwords will get you passed over if you splash them all over your pitches or web content:
1. Above the line
2. Advertainment
3. Atomization
4. Bleeding edge
5. Brand equity
6. Conversation
7. Empowerment
8. Gamification
9. Growth hacker
10. Impactful
11. Impression
12. Influencer
13. Leading edge
14. Leveraging
15. Low hanging fruit
16. Marketer
17. Share-of-voice
18. Thought Leadership

These buzzwords are overused and overrated. Try not to include them in your web content text. Don’t follow the example of tops companies such as IBM and Apple that pack on multiple buzzwords at a time. Use different keywords that are popular but not necessarily verbatim what everyone else is saying. Stand apart from other companies by using new and different phrases and terms to describe your services.

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