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12 Elements of the Best Winning Sales Pitch Ever


The Heart and Mind of the Perfect Pitch

To put together a pitch that appeals to the heart and mind of your buyer, incorporate 12 different elements into your pitch. These 12 different elements will cover everything you need to make a perfect pitch to your buyer. However, making the perfect pitch requires a lot of legwork. Make sure to put your all into this prep work because it will determine how your pitch goes. Don’t skimp on the research.

Here are the 12 steps:
1. Build something unique.
2. Write your Mission Statement.
3. Establish the problem.
4. Plan your proposed solution.
5. Present a Demo.
6. Calculate the market size.
7. Draw up your business plan.
8. Identify your competition.
9. Draw up your marketing plan.
10. Be a team player.
11. Plan, implement and execute projects.
12. Plainly state your contact information.

First and foremost, build something that is completely yours that cannot be easily copied by someone else. If you have completely original content, then your competition will not easily copy you. Next, write your business statement clearly outlining what you stand for and identify the purpose of your company.

Now that you have built the base of your pitch, establish what you customer will need. What is a problem commonly faced by the consumer that you can easily solve. Then explain your proposed solution to that problem. State how the problem is solved very clearly.

Then go into a product demo. You can enhance this section with video or appropriate web graphics. Use bold, clear speech or text and get straight to the point. Don’t into excessive detail but give a general overview of your product and why the customer should use it. What benefits does your product provide? Clearly outline these benefits for your readers.

Next, research your market. How big is it? How many competitors are out there? You want to strategize and draw up your marketing plan according to these details. After you have calculated the market size, draw up your marketing plan. Draw inspiration from your competition. After all, they probably have some ideas that you haven’t thought of.

Then, share your insights with your team and be a good team player. Coordinate with your coworkers to get everything done. Plan, implement and execute your projects. Last but not least, clearly state your contact information.

Most importantly, engage your reviewers. Present one idea at a time. Don’t get caught up in over analyzing small minor details; push straight to the point. Demonstrate a typical customer problem and how you plan to solve it. Explain how you will gain and monetize your users by implementing well-thought-out marketing strategies. Clearly illustrate how large the market is for your product and why your company would work well. Discuss how you project will get done in a timely manner on budget.

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