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28 Best Adwords Tips for Higher CTR and Conversion Rate


28 Tips For AdWords Beginners is an infographic by the content team at WhiteSharkMedia.com

What You Need to Know About Adwords as a Beginner

Google Adwords can be hectic especially for a beginner. Although many sail through and make it eventually, the time taken to realize goals is longer than it should. The reason why it is the case is because many are naive, and are not sure of what should and should not be done at that time, thus making it harder for them. However, here are a few tips on how to handle Adwords for profit maximization and goal realization in time.

1. Balance Between Metrics

Although you might be a beginner, you need to understand that everything here comes at a cost. Some campaigns cost much more than others and you might be receiving far less than you should. This means you might need and have to research on the market value of some keywords, understand the metrics then balance in for an increased revenue share.

2. Relevance is the Key to Success

One thing about marketing in Adwords is that, everything should be relevant for conversions to increase. This means that, every campaign you create should be relevant to the subject matter, keyword and niche. For you to identify the relevance of all your campaigns, you need to check on the number of people who see all the campaign, and the percentage of the ones that click on the same.

3. Landing Page

When someone clicks on an Adword from one of your campaigns, he or she is taken to a landing page. The landing page will determine whether the user will stay on the page, or simply wade away. You ought to make sure that every campaign and Adword has a secure landing page, which is relevant and highly informative for the internet user. This will increase visibility and traffic on the web.

4. Understand Keywords and Using Highly Relevant Long Tail Keywords

Keywords are the heart of campaign marketing. They dictate whether your campaigns will be displayed on a search engine or not. For starters, always use closely related keywords, and long tail for that matter. Online searches today are mainly long as people want to search on a specific item. Using long tail keywords will increase visibility and conversion in search engines.

5. Account Structure

When creating an account with Google Adwords, you should have a keyword based account as compared to what your company offers. This is because many people do not search for company names, but for keywords instead. Only create accounts that are keyword structured for increases visibility and ranks in search engines.

6. Account settings

Your Google Adwords account setting determines how many views or clicks a campaign will receive, and from what location. If you are looking for a broader marketing, it is best for you to choose a location other than limiting with a radius. This will diversify searches and target customers at hand.

7. Supported Devices

Almost everything has changed today from how people use the internet. Some people prefer using hand held devices, while others still use personal computers. When creating an Adword campaign, you should have all these people in mind, and either limit or allow access to everything within the campaign. This will help reach out to persons who rarely use either a machine or hand held devices to access the internet.

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