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Avoiding the Google Anchor Text Penalty and other Linkbuilding Pitfalls


The 3 Deadly Sins Of Link Building

To be among the top dogs on the search result of a particular niche comes with a lot of benefits. While in the sporting world, the underdogs enjoy the support of fans, in the online world, the top dogs of a particular niche enjoy the support of the search engine spiders. This is why the top dogs always appear on the first page of search results in their niche.

Linkbuilding Benefits

Thus, benefits associated with an appearance on the first page of a search engine result for a particular keyword phrase such as increase online presence, reaching out to wider target audience, and more conversion rates are usually enjoyed by websites on top of the page rank chart. Link building is an effective way to get to the top of the page rank chart.

SEO Strategy

Link building is an integral part of every effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy. Search engines love links more than kids love candies. Thus, by exchanging links with other websites, webmasters are making their sites to be among the favorite of search engines, and the reward of link building is a higher page ranking.

Well, not all types of link building place a website on the good books of search engines. Using the right link building strategy can prove valuable to a website quest to climb higher on the page rank chart, but employing the wrong strategy can have a negative impact on a SEO campaign.

Below are the 3 deadliest webmasters should avoid when employing a link building strategy for their SEO campaign:

1. The Intense Desire To Acquire Links

People want success to come to them very fast, so they take the same mentality to the link building phase of their SEO campaign. They go about acquiring links for their sites at an incredibly fast pace. And the result is a downgrading of the website’s ranking of such webmasters by Google. Although Google love quality links, it does not love unnatural links acquire at an incredibly fast pace and penalizes websites that embark on such a link acquisition spree.

2. Over-indulgence of Keywords in Anchor Text

Before the advent of the new Google Penguin algorithm in 2012, placing exactly matched keywords in the anchor text of a website’s backlinks used to improve the page ranking of a website. Well, those days are gone. We are currently in the era of Google Penguin, which favors unique, high-quality, and natural-flowing contents that are not interrupted by keywords stuffing. Therefore, in this era of the Google Penguin algorithm, keyword stuffing will plummet the page ranking of a website.

3. Accumulation of Excessive Backlinks Through Dishonest Means

This is one of the greatest SEO sins a website can commit in the eyes of Google, and the usual punishment is a 90-days ban from Google. Can a website survive after such a long absence from a major search engine like Google? Well, the answer is pretty obvious to everyone out there. Therefore, webmasters should avoid acquiring links through dishonest means like buying of links from other websites.

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