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How to Choose the Right Office Chair


Features of an Awesome Office Chair

If you are spending 40 (or even 60 for you workaholics) hours a pay period in your office chair at your desk, you are going to want a truly exceptional chair. Your office chair should provide you with a comfortable working position. The most ergonomic office chair can increase your productivity and improve your health. There are several contributing factors to an amazing office chair:

1. Chair height
2. Seat width
3. Adjustable armrests
4. Lower-back support
5. Material
6. Mobility

If each key feature is optimized for your body type, you will spend your time sitting in a comfortably upholstered chair that provided you with back support, a comfortable working environment and the right range of mobility.

Chair Dimensions

Your chair should be the right height for your body. Your feet should rest comfortably on the ground. Your feet should make a right angle with your legs. You don’t want to be scrunched up or have your feet not even reach the floor; both can put unnecessary stress on your joints, particularly your lower back and your knees.

The chair seat should not be too wide for you. You should be able to comfortably sit with your back against the chair with your knees slightly past the edge of the seat with your feet resting on the ground. If the seat is too wide, you will have to hunch over your desk. This can lead to very uncomfortable back and neck problems.

Adjustable armrests and seat

You want your chair to be adjustable so that you can tailor it to your body for maximum comfort. Your forearms should lay on the arm rests parallel to your thighs and the floor. Your arms should be supported so that you can get up close to your work.

Your seat depth should be adjustable so that you can adjust it to the correct height for yourself. You chair seat should also be able to recline easily so that it is not putting undue resistance on your back.

Lower-back support

Lower back pain is a terrible ailment and affects a good portion of office personnel. Avoid lower back pain by sitting in an office chair that provides appropriate support for your back. Your lower back should rest comfortably against the chair’s lumbar support region of the seat. This is the lower part of the chair that curves inward. You should be able to adjust to comfortably support your back. If you are sitting correctly with your shoulders against your chair, your entire back and body will receive appropriate blood flow, which gets oxygen to your muscles. This cuts down on lactic acid build up, which happens when your muscles are deprived of oxygen. This causes your muscles to get sore.


Sit in the chair before you buy it. The material your chair is made of should feel comfortable and breathe so that you don’t sweat and stick to your seat after an hour or so. Remember, appearance isn’t everything. If your chair looks ugly but the material feels really comfortable, ask yourself if you really want to get a chair with a prettier material.


Last but not least, the mobility of your chair should accommodate your office position. Are you constantly swiveling around in your seat to talk to coworkers and clients? If so, you might want a chair with wheels. If you need to be more focused on your paperwork, you might be more suited with a stationary chair.

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