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Restaurant Etiquette and Business Dinner Etiquette Tips for Men

Restaurant Etiquette and Business Dinner Etiquette Tips for MenThe original source for this infographic was Boisdaile.co.uk.

How to Act Like a Gentleman

Dress Sharp from Head to Toe:
What type of occasion are you attending? Is this a casual, laid-back event or a more formal affair? Are you going to a nice restaurant with your family or to your sister’s rehearsal dinner? The way you dress will depend on how formal or casual is the event.

Turn Down Your Collar
If you are attending an outdoor soiree, consider wearing a traditionally casual button down shirt in a dark color such as navy blue, hunter green or maroon. If you are attending a business casual or an evening event, wear a classic collared shirt. For very formal events like weddings or rehearsal dinners, where a formal wing-tipped oxford shirt.

Knot a Fancy Tie
Wear a Half Windsor Knot for a more casual event. Dress it up for a formal affair with a full Windsor Knot. If you are on the tall side, knot your tie with a Four In Hand. Note however that this knot will come out asymmetrical. Choose a tie in a contrasting color to your shirt.

Wear Tweed with Style
For colder months, pair your collared shirt with a soft tweed suit. There are three different types of tweed: herringbone, striped and houndstooth. Herringbone tweed is zigzagged downwards in vertical stripes. Striped tweed is the traditional catholic school plaid pattern using a uniform color. Houndstooth is similar to a checked tweed with very tiny checks.

Step Up Those Shoes
For a more casual party, you can’t top some classic Sperry boat shoes. Try them in dark brown leather. For a business affair or something more formal, wear some trendy wingtip brogue shoes. For an ultra-formal gathering, wear some solid black oxfords.

Be Dashingly Polite
Greet your server, bartender and host by name and with a smile. Their name is probably right on their name tag and it’s the classy thing to do. Greet your host and hostess with the same courtesy.

Eat Right
Sit down with confidence. Don’t be intimidated by the fancy plate setting with 8 different utensils. They each have a purpose and remember Titanic: Start from the outside in. Reference a picture of typical formal place setting to familiarize yourself with the different types of spoons, forks and knives.

Drink to Good Health
Drink to your host’s health in their language:

1. Santé (French)
2. Salud (Spanish)
3. Slainte (irish)
4. L’chaim (Hebrew)
5. Prosit (German)
6. Kanpai (Japanese)
7. Opa! (Greek)

And above all, have a good time. Your hosts will know whether or not you are enjoying yourself. The best way to thank your hosts is to have a blast.

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