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Careers and Jobs for ESTP Personality Profile

Careers and Jobs for ESTP Personality Profile

Fun, outgoing and a little bit of drama is what defines the ESTP profile. These individuals are competitive and extremely action-oriented. When a task needs to be completed, they will be the influencers of the team that helps goals be reached. With a very strong memory and an attention to detail, the ESTP personality profile provides a plethora of career and job opportunities to this profile.


An entrepreneur will have to be a little bit dramatic, but full of passion. With the ability to express their products uses or their services to others, they will find themselves with a successful business in no time at all. Being able to influence others will simply allow employees to work at their utmost at all times so that they are never inefficient. Being able to remember names and faces makes the outgoing entrepreneur even more successful.


A strong attention to detail will make a paramedic a true success. These individuals simply need to be able to assess situations and ensure that they are able to communicate with their team. They will enjoy a bit of drama at time, but are also very friendly and comforting to those that have sick or injured family members. Being able to recall past events or what occurred to their patient further helps a paramedic find success in their field.

Sales Agent

Sales agents need to be competitive and able to take action once a potential lead walks through the door. By being friendly, they are able to close sales much faster than their peers. With an attention to detail, they can assess a buyer once they come through the door or call on the phone. Through this, a sales agent will be able to turn a reluctant buyer into one that has found the perfect fit for their problem. Influencing others will simply add to more sales being made.


Technicians need to answer service calls and fix client’s problems as quickly as possible. These individuals will need to motivate others around them to help formulate a solution to a problem and will need to recall previous problems that were similar in nature. By taking action immediately, a technician will be able to correct issues without hesitation. The ESTP personality profile fits perfectly into the life of a technician because they have a terrific memory and will be able to stay very detail-oriented throughout their entire career.

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