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Average Salary for a Graphic Designer


How to Get a Job in the Creative Industry

Are you looking to get into one of the creative industry. The creative industries, like graphic design, architecture, industrial design, film and fashion design, are all excellent places to show off your creativity while having an interesting, fulfilling career. If you have an eye for design and lots of creative ideas, then this may be the field for you.

However, since it is such a broad industry with many different types of positions. Therefore, you should make sure that you have found exactly the right niche to express yourself. You can find this out through taking a wide variety of classes, practicing your specialty, attending conferences, and getting internships.

Once you’ve finished your degree, then the next step is to find a job. While some people may tell you that there is no employment future in anything creative, they are most emphatically incorrect. There are plenty of opportunities in the creative industries – all you have to do is look. Here is how to get started.

Where to Find Creative Industry Jobs

One way to find a job in the creative industries is to look and see where most of the jobs are. Most jobs tend to be in cities, with many of them located in places like San Francisco, Seattle, Atlanta, Chicago and New York. You can try searching for open positions in these areas first, or looking for internships and other opportunities in order to get started.

Additional Ways to Locate Opportunities

You can also find jobs in other ways. A survey from Colorblot reported that 43% of creative professionals found their current position through a personal referral, while 19% got their jobs through job boards. You can also use contacts through your school, either asking your school’s career counselor for assistance or reaching out to the alumnae network.

Finally, some people can find work as freelancers. These opportunities tend not to pay as well or offer benefits, but they can be a good way to build your portfolio so that when you do apply for jobs, you will have a professional collection of work samples that will show off your skills. Freelance work also gives you the flexibility to only accept work that you know you can do well and will show off your attributes.

Nevertheless, it is definitely possible to land a great job in the creative industries. With some perseverance and talent, you can get your foot in the door and start a long and fulfilling career.

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