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Best Individual Fundraising Ideas for Mission Trips

Mission trips can be very difficult to raise money for. These trips can be to various locations around the world and needing to raise $5,000 or more is quite the norm. While this may be a once in a lifetime experience, there are surely a lot of hurdles that will get in the way. Financially, most people will not be able to afford such a mission alone.

Individual fundraising ideas for mission trips are much harder than working with a group. However, there is always a way in which a person will be able to keep donations rolling in so that they can raise enough money for the event.

Car Washes

Holding a car wash is always an option. This may be something as little as drying off cars leaving the local car wash or scrubbing them clean on your own. The goal is to have a can ready for donations so that no one forgets that this car washes are for a good cause.

Oftentimes, friends and family will join in on the event and help the person out. This means that mom may be holding the donation can, while dad is out promoting the big car wash.

Tutoring Lessons

If you want to teach people more about your religious beliefs or what you will be doing on your mission, you can be paid for it in the process. This is not something for everyone and shy people are surely going to shriek at the idea of being the center of attention.

Local schools or a church will often allow you to use their room for free. Now, place fliers all around town so that people know about your lessons. Oftentimes, people will be more than interested to come and hear what you have to say.

A great part about these lessons is that people get to know you and why you are going on a mission trip. This makes them far more likely to donate money and will be something that can bring in a fast hundred dollars or more. While this will not be able to fund your whole trip, it is just one of the many avenues to consider.

A Fake Ransom

One of the very fun ideas is that of a fake ransom. This can be promoted in the local newspaper and the idea is that you are kidnapped and need help. Your kidnapper will be demanding money to go on a mission trip and unless you raise enough, you will not be able to be set free.

Obviously, it must be stressed that this is not a real-life event so that no one reading it gets worried for your safety. When enough money is raised, the highest donation will receive baked goods or even a date with you.

By making your fundraising into a game, you will find that there are many people whom are willing to join in on the fun. More often than not, people will want to keep track of just how close you are to being free. If you can setup a free website with how much is left for your freedom, people will enjoy the event even more.

Church Events

Churches are very happy when a person goes on a mission trip. Since this is probably a religious mission, what better way to bring in donations than working with local churches? These churches are always happy to tell the congregation that someone needs money for a mission trip, and the church themselves may even donate to the cause.

Oftentimes, church events are held on a monthly basis where you may be able to hold a fundraiser. This may be batches of baked goods that people buy or a fun game wherein participants will receive a prize. In either case, the church is the hotspot for mission trip fundraising.

Babysitting Night

Many parents are stressed and want to have a night alone – without the kids. This is something that you can take full advantage of and earn a lot of money quickly. By mentioning your mission trip, it will be possible to further increase your price.

You can do this on a one-child basis where you go to the person’s home to watch their kids. Another option is to have your parents help so that you can watch a few children at one time. Remember, you cannot have too many children in your home legally, so ensure you are not breaking any occupancy laws.

Individual fundraising ideas for mission trips need to be started as early as possible. All too often people try to raise too much money in a short period of time. While friends and family will pitch in, larger trips must be planned accordingly. The earlier that you can begin fundraising, the better. Uncle John or aunt Rebecca will not appreciate being hit up for hundreds of dollars on such short notice!

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