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The Ultimate Social Media Design Cheat Sheet


Are you using social media for your company? If so, you must be engaging in internet marketing strategies and trying to harness the power of reaching out to a huge audience. Have you ever wondered if your social media presence has been designed effectively?

Internet Marketing Initiatives

Internet marketing or social media marketing to be specific is not confined to having a page, developing a profile and then occasionally churning out some contents to post. Internet is a visual medium, apart from being a virtual world. Social media is very much a visual medium which works in the same manner as traditional mass media like televisions or out of home media.

You have to capture the fancy or imagination of the viewers who come across your profile. What you have on your profile or what all you put up is important but what is more important is how internet or social media users get to view your profile and every webpage presence that you have. You might put up certain content, images or videos and expect that the placement and presentation should work just fine. That is your perception because you are focused on that content and your eyes would naturally find it on the page. Internet or social media users are not looking at your webpage or profile from your perspective. They would look at what is obvious, what catches their attention at the very first instant and what is convenient for them to view in a quick glance.

Social Media Design

This is where social media design comes in. Where should you put up that ad? What resolution should a picture have? What resolutions should the profile picture and cover photo have? Should they be the same or have distinctly different resolutions? Is there a certain layout you should adhere to while preparing your page?

These are some questions among many that a social media marketer or any company engaging in social media marketing should be able to figure out successfully. You cannot second guess or presume. You have to know. You need to present your content in a manner that grabs attention of the viewers. You cannot have an ad get lost in the webpage due to recent content getting predominance. You cannot be unsure how your feeds get all jumbled up due to the display features and timeline policies of a specific social media site or network.

Social Media Design Blueprint is your guide to have an effective social media presence.

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