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A Guide to Klout: Klout Social Scores and Ratings

A Guide to Klout: Klout Social Scores and Ratings

How to Increase your Influence on Klout

Social networks are notorious for making sharing easy. Having an ability to broadcast a message to so many at once can also a negative. Having such easy access to broadcast your messages can make it difficult to define between those seeking attention and those that have something of value to offer others. This is where the platform that Klout was designed, allowing the identity of true industry experts to be found. Here is an understanding of how to use Klout to increase your own social influence.

Klout Health

Established in 2008, Klout raised a total of 11 million in capital with 320,000 monthly unique users. Over 2,500 companies used Klout as a source with over 100 million users regularly crawling data.

Klout Score

Klout uses a score to measure your social influence. This is based on how many people you reach out to and influence, how much they are influenced in response, and how influential the people you influence are. A total of over 50 variables are used to determine a Klout score.

When the Klout score system is compared to Tweet Half Life, an high score of almost 90 is compared to Tweet Half-Life of 335 minutes that it takes for the tweet to achieve half of the total number of retweets during its lifetime. The average number of retweets with this is 300 per post.

Klout Benefits

Klout is normally thought about as a high-level screening process for industry experts because they are able to tell which people are the most influential in a given category. As a result of this, companies gain interest in working with Klout so products can be placed in front of those who are most likely to talk about them. Examples of these companies are Starbucks, Nike, and American Airlines.

5 Steps to Increasing your Klout

Here is a list of five steps to follow so you can increase your Klout.

1. Create Content Worth Sharing
Be sure your content has an ability to be shared. Considering your shareability factor will help you increase your reach to new readers and influence.

2. Start a Discussion
This is one of the easiest ways to increase your score by taking action on your messages and start a discussion.

3. Connect Other Networks
Be sure to connect among other social networks such as Facebook and YouTube to Klout.

4. Build a Niche Community
Having a niche community of your own, you will be able to get retweets and drive conversations more easily.

5. Engage with Influencers
Engage with other users among your niche market. Jump into the conversation, message them, and respond.

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