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Display Image Retargeting and Facebook Remarketing

Display Image Retargeting and Facebook Remarketing

Web Retargeting vs. Facebook Exchange

Web retargeting is focused on bringing customers back to your page after they learn about your product, but leave before purchasing. With Facebook Exchanging, marketers are able to retarget potential customers when on Facebook. Adroll is used to display the ads on sites visitors browse later and integrate with all major ad exchanges such as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, and appnexus.

Comparison between Standard Retargeting and FBX

Facebook currently represents more than 25% of ad inventory on the web. With the introduction of FBX, this number was estimated to double.

With standard web retargeting, you are able to use rich media such as animation, expandables, and more while FBX offers no rich media capabilities. However, with FBX the advertising is always viewable which is not always the case with standard retargeting. Additional advertising sizes range more with standard retargeting whereas FBX only has a 100×72 plus text ad block with a 25 character title and 90 character limits for the body.

During a test run to compare these two methods, analysts uncovered the below statistics.
• CPM – FBX wins with a 82% lower rate than standard retargeting.
• CPC – FBX wins with a 70% lower rate than standard retargeting.
• CTR – Web Retargeting wins with a 40% lower rate.
• Cost/Unique – Web Retargeting wins from a 86% higher rate.

A total of 8.3% uniques were reached during both test campaigns. A lower number is benefits as it demonstrates each strategy is incremental. Total retargeting impressions seemed to increase over time with more clicks through FBX over a six month period of time. Either of these forms of advertising offers potential to increase your reach and maximize your ROI. Leveraging both types will help to build you a stronger marketing channel while reaping the benefits from both forms of advertising.

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