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9 Steps to Achieving Business Goals and Objectives


How to Build Brands of Awesomeness and a Ginormous Community

To build a better business, you need to focus on goals not just tools to build a better business. You need to observe the following:

1. Define your objectives and discover your purpose, the conversion funnel and the target audience.

2. You need to select your team members and they need to be passionate and committed to your cause.

3. A strategy needs to be developed. This is achieved by breaking down your goals into smaller pieces that you’ll be able to take action. What needs to be done? You need to know what to do, when to do it,, and how it ought to be done.

4. You team needs to be empowered. This can be done by setting them up for success, addressing fear and resistance, build in them confidence and trust as you maintain realistic goals.

5. Learn as much as you can about your industry. Get a thorough understanding of the industry and the knowledge you need to get ahead of the pack. Meet more people and learn as much as you can.

6. Create value with foundational and community building content.

7. Share the value according to the 80/20 rule. 80% share items belonging to other people while 20% share their own remarkable items.

8. Build and foster growth. This is achieved by you getting in there and featuring people in your community, acknowledge, and hold events. Help each other’s be humans and give back to the society.

9. Measure and analyze by tracking your events and goals. make some adjustments based on what works and always remain focused on your goals,

You can repeat the entire process. Building a community is a continuous process that needs to be modified from time to time as the community grows. Remain focused on your goals and customers as you build a healthier business.

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