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9 Reasons Why People Download Mobile Apps


A recent poll asked a wide assortment of mobile device users about how they view the concept of mobile marketing. Their answers revealed some interesting facts about the current state of mobile engagement, while giving some equally interesting possibilities for the future of mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing In The Future

We understand that mobile marketing is here to stay. By the same token, we also understand that mobile marketing isn’t likely to go anywhere anytime soon. The evolution of mobile marketing is going to make way for some intriguing possibilities.

From what a recent poll unveiled, we can at least speculate with a certain degree of accuracy as to what those possibilities will be:

1. 57% of users polled have downloaded apps released by their favorite brands.

2. 71% of users between the ages of eighteen and thirty-four have downloaded apps released by their favorite brands.

3. The reasons as to why these apps were downloaded in the first place vary wildly. 50% did so to get access to special offers. 44% wanted the ability to keep track of their orders. 38% wanted to be able to monitor the news and developments of their loyalty accounts. S

4. Some would consider 36% of users wanting to be able to access their favorite brands while they’re out and about to be a low figure. 29% use their brand apps to keep up to date with the brand itself. It’s also interesting to note that 25% of those who downloaded brand apps did so because they believed it was a better overall experience than the site.

5. When we extend all of this information to push notification capabilities within the app. 68% of users have activated push notifications. Meanwhile, 76% of the younger crowd has done this, as well.

6. A strong majority of those polled (70%) found push notifications to be extremely useful.

7. Open rates for push notifications are considerably higher than those for email.

8. It’s also important to understand that push notifications can be extended into areas that go beyond the smartphone or the tablet.

9. 43% of consumers have made it clear that they would be more receptive to making a buy if the mobile message is part of a larger marketing experience; one that utilizes time and several different channels.

Getting a clearer picture? Push notifications is just one of the major developments that has come out of the ongoing development of mobile marketing. The question then is what’s next?

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